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Originally Posted by mrvideo View Post

The word "to" doesn't include the last item.

How come they say "We have everything from a to z" & they say anchovy/ziti.
How come they say "Count from 1 to 10" & the person goes....8..9..10. biggrin.gif
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TV Notes
Norah O'Donnell Named 'CBS This Morning' Co-Anchor
By Tim Molloy, TheWrap.com - Jul. 26, 2012

In another shakeup to the "CBS This Morning" lineup, CBS chief White House correspondent Norah O'Donnell is replacing Erica Hill as a co-anchor.

Hill and Chris Wragge were named to replace Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez in November 2010 as CBS tried to boost ratings for its perpetually third-place "Early Show." Hill remained aboard when CBS revamped again a year later, bringing in Charlie Rose and Gayle King as co-anchors and changing the name of the show to "CBS This Morning."

Hill is in talks for a new role at CBS News.

O’Donnell has been CBS News’ chief White House correspondent since June 2011. She will leave the White House to assume her new role, and will continue as the main substitute anchor for "Face the Nation."

She was previously chief Washington correspondent for MSNBC and a contributing correspondent for NBC’s “Today.” She joined NBC News in 1999. She was also a staff reporter for Roll Call.

The morning show race is increasingly fluid since ABC's "Good Morning America" beat NBC's "Today" in the weekly ratings for the first time in 16 years. Since then the shows have waged a close fight for first place in the ratings. But CBS has lagged far behind.

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Originally Posted by dcowboy7 View Post

How come they say "We have everything from a to z" & they say anchovy/ziti.
How come they say "Count from 1 to 10" & the person goes....8..9..10. biggrin.gif

Because mrvideo hasn't corrected them yet! biggrin.gif
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TV Notes
With ’3,’ yet more summer lovin’
CBS bows the fifth dating show, this featuring three women
By Louisa Ada Seltzer, Media Life Magazine - Jul. 26, 2012

If singing competitions dominate the reality offerings during the regular TV season, when "American Idol," "The X Factor" and "The Voice" clog the airwaves, summers are dominated by dating shows.

Tonight at 10 p.m. CBS bows the third new dating program, and fifth overall, of the summer, "3."

The show follows three very different women looking for Mr. Right, including a widowed mom of two.

It's perhaps the least salacious of the dating shows that have already premiered this summer.

Fox offered a jokey take on the genre with "The Choice," playing on NBC's "The Voice," in which famous people looked for mates.

Fox also has "Take Me Out," which ends its season tonight, in which regular guys try to woo 30 women based on first impressions.

And ABC has "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor Pad," the other two dating shows, both veterans of "The Bachelor" franchise, the oldest broadcast dating show.

Alas, unlike the singles on these shows, viewers haven't seemed too interested in making a love match this summer.

While "Bachelorette" finished in a tie for the No. 4 show of the summer, averaging a strong 3.1 adults 18-49 Nielsen rating in its season finale Sunday, "Pad," "Choice" and "Out" have struggled, averaging a 1.6 or less.

"3's" best hope is that lead-in "Big Brother" gives it a nice cushion, though 10 p.m. shows in the summer generally draw low ratings.

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TV Sports
Erin Andrews to report NFL playoffs, World Series
By Michael Hiestand, USA Today

Erin Andrews laughs when she recalls how she last month thought TMZ cameras might expose her possible move from ESPN to Fox.

But they didn't. So, first, the news: Fox announced Wednesday that Andrews will be a reporter on its MLB National League Championship Series and World Series coverage. She'll also be a reporter, along with returning Pam Oliver, and work with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on its NFL Washington Redskins-Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game as well as on the network's top NFL playoff games.

And, here are her co-stars on the new Fox College Football Pregame Show: 1995 Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George and ex-Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington.

Now back to her brush with TMZ while she was still in negotiations — and under contract — with ESPN.

Andrews was in Los Angeles to audition with George and Harrington for the pregame show.

"Those two were already set in stone for the show," she says. "I didn't know what I was walking into. I had a ton of nerves. I hadn't even spoken to either of them. But we just starting talking about USC, just talking football — which is what I like to do. It fit. And there was chemistry."

Fox executives suggested they all go to dinner in West Hollywood. Andrews warned them: "You realize TMZ will be there when we go back outside."

That happened as George and Andrews each faced TMZ cameras.

"We both panic, because I hadn't decided to go to Fox," Andrews says. But that never came up. "They asked me if I had a treasure chest, where would I bury it. They didn't put it all together."

As Fox this season airs its first regular-season college football, the new pregame show will air at 7:30 p.m. ET Saturday, right before Fox's weekly prime-time game — and the games airing on ABC and ESPN. So will Andrews, whose ESPN/ABC roles included being a reporter on those ABC prime-time games, talk on Fox about her employer-turned-competitor's games? "Oh, of course. You have to," she says.

The pregame show also will begin airing on Saturday afternoons when Fox adds afternoon games in midseason. Asked what separates Fox's show from the wall-to-wall Saturday college football TV talk already airing, Andrew says it's that "we'll have a young, fresh, hip take. … And the one thing we're excited about with this show is that a lot of football has been played by the time we get on-air. We'll get everybody up to speed."

And she says the job comes with a perk: "We get to watch all the games from the same room that (the NFL Fox pregame announcers) use on Sundays. I'm jacked about that."

George worked at NFL Network as well as on some Fox Bowl Championship Series pregame shows after playing nine NFL seasons. George, when asked about how the Fox college show will stand out, says: "Our chemistry will be the difference."

Harrington, who finished fourth in 2001 Heisman balloting before playing six NFL seasons, will be a rookie as a national TV analyst but has an offbeat claim to fame: golfer Padraig Harrington is a distant cousin.

While Fox college football, at least initially, won't give Andrews as big of a platform as ESPN/ABC's college coverage, what's key for her is what happens after the college regular season — her Fox NFL roles.

"The NFL is very intriguing to me," she says. "I felt it was the next step, the next level for me. I couldn't turn it down."

Andrews doesn't plan to move from New York for the L.A.-based Fox Sports, even though she's already made the cross-country commute often enough "so I know all the flight attendants, what's on the menu and seen all the movies."

At least she can always daydream about that fascinating treasure chest question.

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Nielsen Notes (Daytime)
‘GMA’ Finishes No. 1 In Total Viewers & Adults 25-54 For First Time In 17 Years
By Nellie Andreeva, Deadline.com - Jul. 26, 2012

The London Olympics could not come soon enough for embattled NBC morning show Today. Rival Good Morning America tied Today in adults 25-54 (1.737 million) for the week of July 16 and logged its fourth consecutive weekly win in total viewers (4.598 million vs. 4.245 million for Today) to post its first No. 1 weekly finish in both measures for the first time in nearly 17 years — since the week of September 11, 1995.

GMA‘s winning margin in total viewers was the largest in more than 17 years, since the week of May 15, 1995, as ABC’s morning program outdrew Today in total viewers every day Monday-Friday for a second consecutive week. CBS This Morning was far behind with 2.341 million total viewers and 877,000 adults 25-54.


* * * *

TV Notes
Fox’s ‘Fringe’ Shuts Down Production For 2 Weeks As Star John Noble Gets Treatment

After four days of shooting, production on the final season of Fox’s cult sci-fi drama Fringe has been shut down for two weeks so co-star John Noble can get treatment for a sleep disorder.

Filming on the final 13 episodes of the Warner Bros. TV-produced series began last Wednesday with Noble. On Monday, Noble was MIA at the show’s TCA panel when producers explained that he was not feeling well. The series resumed production yesterday without Noble, and a decision was made later in the day to go on hiatus while the 63-year-old actor receives treatment.

Word is that Noble has had the condition, first reported by TMZ, for awhile. It was aggravated by his recent intense schedule that had him flying back from his native Australia right into Comic-Con then right into production on Season 5 of Fringe.

Filming is now slated to resume on Aug. 7. The delay won’t affect the show’s Sept. 28 final season premiere.

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TV Notes
ABC to swap 'Suburgatory' and 'The Neighbors' timeslots
Post-'Modern Family' slot goes to rising sophomore sitcom
By Alan Sepinwall, HitFix.com

One of the more confounding scheduling decisions any network made during upfront season was ABC's scheduling of the new comedy "The Neighbors" on Wednesdays at 9:30. The timeslot after "Modern Family" is the best launching pad ABC can give a new sitcom —though the results have been mixed at best in the past for "Cougar Town," "Mr. Sunshine," "Happy Endings" and more — and it's hard to find anyone who doesn't work at ABC with many kind things to say about the pilot for "The Neighbors." Clips of the show — starring Lenny Venito and Jamie Gertz as parents who move their family into a gated community where all the neighbors are secretly aliens — bombed in front of advertisers at the network's fall schedule announcement, and early critical buzz has been rough, with many in the industry speculating on how many weeks ABC would leave the show in such a good slot before admitting defeat.

Instead, it appears ABC has accepted the inevitable and is going to put a different, better show after Phil, Claire and the gang. As first reported by Deadline, and confirmed to me by a source close to the show, ABC has decided to put "Suburgatory" on at 9:30 and try "The Neighbors" in the old "Suburgatory" slot at 8:30.

"Suburgatory" had a very strong debut season, and while it seemed a good match in the 8 o'clock hour with "The Middle," it feels like the best possible match with "Modern Family" of all the other comedies ABC currently has in its inventory. And if there's going to be an audience that likes "The Neighbors," it'll likely be little kids who think people who turn into squishy green aliens are cool — and those kids won't be watching at 9:30 p.m.

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TV/Washington Notes
FCC decision on Tennis Channel blasted by cable groups
By Meg James, Los Angeles Times' 'Company Town' Blog - Jul. 25, 2012

A leading cable television association has slammed a Federal Communications Commission ruling this week that industry giant Comcast Corp. had discriminated against the small independent Tennis Channel.

The National Cable & Telecommunications Assn., and a second, nonprofit organization, described the FCC decision as an example of unnecessary government intrusion.

"Yesterday’s regrettable decision takes us down a dangerous and unnecessary regulatory path," the NCTA said in a statement. "For the first time, the full Commission has intervened to rewrite a private, arms-length contract and dictate the terms and conditions of carriage for a particular programming network."

The Free State Foundation, which describes itself as a nonprofit, free market-oriented think tank, alleged in a separate statement that the FCC "continues to engage in regulatory overreach."

In a 3-2 vote along party lines, the FCC on Tuesday ordered Comcast to provide the Santa Monica based Tennis Channel with the same level of distribution as Comcast does for its two sports networks the Golf Channel and NBC Sports Network.

The ruling effectively requires the Philadelphia-based cable giant to add the Tennis Channel to about 18 million homes that receive Comcast cable service, and pay the sports channel millions of dollars more a year for its programming.

Currently, the Tennis Channel is available in 34 million homes nationwide, including fewer than 3 million homes with Comcast service.

The decision marked the first time that a major cable operator has been found in violation of federal anti-discrimination program carriage rules that were established in 1993.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and the other two Democrats on the panel — Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel — voted to uphold the decision of an administrative judge, who determined that Comcast had discriminated. Two Republican commissioners, Robert M. McDowell and Ajit Pai, dissented.

Tennis Channel chairman and chief executive Ken Solomon is a co-chairman of a fundraising committee for President Obama.

The NCTA chafed at the FCC decision, noting that the Tennis Channel entered into an agreement several years ago that allowed Comcast to place the Tennis Channel on a more exclusive sports tier, which limited the channel's reach.

"The government has now abrogated that contract, midterm, by finding that Comcast 'discriminated' against the Tennis Channel by not carrying it on a more widely purchased tier that carries two Comcast-affiliated channels that also happen to carry sports programming," the NCTA said.

"In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is difficult to see how the government can justify this content-based trampling on the right of free speech and the freedom of contract.”

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TV Sports
Wired for Wall-to-Wall Coverage
By Brian Stelter, The New York Times - Jul. 26, 2012

LONDON — The power briefly went off at NBC’s satellite farm here Monday. And a router overheated, requiring a reboot. And a test of the connections between the network’s news and sports computers revealed some missing wires.

Hiccup after hiccup — all expected, even embraced, by the hundreds of staff members who were setting up for the most expansive Olympics telecast in history. Their deadline is Friday, when the opening ceremony takes place at Olympic Stadium. Dave Mazza programmed the exact time into his computer’s calendar about three years ago, just as he did before the Summer Games in Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008.

“When that thing goes ‘ding’ and the ceremony starts, it’s a very satisfying moment,” he said.

Mazza is the engineer-in-chief for NBC Olympics, the division of NBC Sports that transplants the network in a new Olympic city every two years. He has been here for nearly three months already, overseeing the installation of the network’s control rooms and servers at the International Broadcast Center about a mile from the main stadium. His staff has nearly 100 distinct video feeds going to the United States, the most ever for an Olympics, all destined for the main NBC network and a panoply of cable channels and Web sites.

“Either it’s getting harder, or we’re getting older,” Mazza, an 18-year veteran of NBC, said with a laugh as he showed a reporter around the control rooms.

Indeed, as watching the Olympics at home has become easier, getting all the signals straight has become harder.

“What we place on the shoulders of Dave each Olympics is enormous growth,” said Gary Zenkel, the president of NBC Olympics. One year, he said, there was the transition to high-definition; another year, the addition of selected online streams. This year, for the first time, every single event will be live-streamed on NBCOlympics.com, and a handful will be shown in 3D on a special cable channel.

The volume of video — roughly 325 hours’ worth a day — must be carried to the United States on a complex series of circuits that are diagramed on a wall in NBC’s work space. “We call this the subway map,” Mazza said proudly.

What a difference a decade makes. In Sydney, Australia, for the 2000 Summer Olympics, NBC sent three video feeds, technically called circuits, to the United States. Now it sends 92. They show up as small lines of strings on the diagram, each with a different color name (turquoise, scarlet, taupe, maroon, azure; colors translate well around the world) and a different purpose.

Some key video feeds are named for the British royals: Will is carried across the Atlantic on a separate path from Kate, in case one path is interrupted for any reason. There are backups for the backups, too, including a few satellite paths “in case everything else dies,” Mazza said.

“It all depends on the level of risk,” he said. “If it’s the prime-time show, we could get on the air about six different ways. If it’s the stream of table tennis, there might be a single thread.”

Sending so much video to the United States, a step also taken for the Beijing Games, also allows for more work to be done there, saving money for NBC. Five control rooms in New York are dedicated to the Games’ coverage, as are dozens of editors and producers. It is almost as if the engineers have erased the Atlantic Ocean off the map — but there is still a 3.5-second delay for the video to and fro.

High-end editing work still takes place mostly on site. In Sydney, NBC had 22 TOES, shorthand for what the staff called the Trusty Old Editing System. Here it has two. These linear editing suites have been almost completely superseded by software editing systems made by Avid. There are 45 Avid systems in London, up from three in Sydney. (Avid technicians are in the hallway in case anything goes awry.)

The editing gear and 40,000 other pieces of equipment are shipped in and out by an operations group led by Mazza’s counterpart John Fritsche. Some of the equipment, like the shock-mounted platforms for servers called RIBS, short for racks in a box, has been around since the games in Sydney. Mazza led the charge toward reusable infrastructure, which greatly reduces the amount of wiring that has to be done each time the network sets up in a new city.

Owing to advances in technology, some of the infrastructure has shrunk as the years have passed. There are fewer RIBS, for instance, because video feeds are now better compressed. And there are far fewer discs with old footage in storage. “This room is half the size it used to be,” Zenkel said as he walked by the discs, most of which were from the Beijing Games. Older footage (useful, say, to show past gold medal wins) is back in the United States, having been made accessible through a robotic tape server for the first time.

Other pieces of equipment are reused elsewhere in the NBC universe. A $400,000 audio console for a control room, for instance, will be installed after the Games at the network’s new NBC Sports facility in Stamford, Conn.

“We don’t buy it unless we know where it’s going postgame,” Mazza said.

NBC, as the biggest Olympic broadcaster by far, occupies about one-fifth of the broadcast center here. Drilling and hammering was still going on this week in the mammoth building, but those were the sounds of other countries’ networks; NBC seemed ready, aside from the occasional router outage. By the water cooler, there was a video conferencing camera for face-to-face meetings with colleagues in New York. On the whiteboard was the British expression of the day: “drop a clanger,” meaning “to mess up.”

“We’re somewhat like a traveling circus,” said Mazza, who also likes to analogize his staff to an army. (NBC Olympics has about 75 full-time staff members and flies in about 1,500 freelancers during the Games.)

Circus or army, it is practically invisible to viewers; but that is the point. When Mazza watches the opening ceremony himself, as he did with his home digital video recorder after the Beijing Games, he marvels at what is not there.

“Think,” he said, not to viewers but to himself, “about all the things that had to happen right for that to come on, perfectly, at 8 o’clock — including that little device back there in my living room.”

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Originally Posted by VisionOn View Post

Anyway ...
anyone seen any updates about the condition of Michael Clarke Duncan? Is he still in hospital?
The only thing I could find is that he was still on a ventilator as of the 17th , his attack was the 13th .. I wish I could find out more...
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Originally Posted by dcowboy7 View Post

How come they say "We have everything from a to z" & they say anchovy/ziti.
How come they say "Count from 1 to 10" & the person goes....8..9..10. biggrin.gif
L O L . Touche !
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Originally Posted by aaronwt View Post

Otherwise it would be just like saying a person is in their 40's when they are 50 if you counted from 41 to 50 instead of 40 to 49.

No, not like it at all.

Because unlike the numbering of years, age starts at zero.

So a person who is 50 is in their 51st year of life..

And a person in their 40s is, in fact, in years 41-50 of their life.
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WEDNESDAY's fast affiliate overnight prime-time ratings -and what they mean- have been posted on Analyst Marc Berman's Media Insight's Blog
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Originally Posted by Fastslappy View Post

The only thing I could find is that he was still on a ventilator as of the 17th , his attack was the 13th .. I wish I could find out more...

That was the last I heard too. His heart attack seems to have been ignored by a lot of the media (I heard a few days after it happened) and there has been little news about his condition since then.
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Summer 2012 TCA Tour Notes
‘General Hospital’ Producer Says ABC Supporting Show
By the Deadline.com Team - Jul. 26, 2012

Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s TV coverage.

The cast and executive producer of the ABC soap General Hospital appeared before critics this morning at TCA, looking and sounding like people thrilled simply to still have jobs. The fate of most of their cohorts on One Life To Live and All My Children weren’t so lucky, with only a few of the cast members — and producer Frank Valentini — absorbed into GH. It was touch-and-go whether even General Hospital would survive the ax. But it’s back, and as Valentini said, the fact a panel for the show was arranged shows a certain support for the show going forward. “They invited us here, and to me that’s a great sign,” he noted. “They’re behind this 100% and very excited about the 50th anniversary coming up. I’m pretty confident. You just need to watch the show to sort of catch the energy and the momentum that we have, and the network’s a big part of that.” One of the challenges for the show going forward is that it’s being displaced from its longtime 3 PM perch by Katie Couric’s new syndie talk show Katie. But Valentini did his best to put a positive spin on things, calling the time slot change “great” in that it will “shake up the lineup a little bit. And the network is doing a big push to inform the audience about the change.”

No matter the general lack of esteem in which the business holds soap operas, longtime regular Nancy Lee Grahn (who won a Daytime Emmy Award this year) pointed out, “We’re actresses. We get to work every day. It’s essentially the industry in the primetime area that tends to pooh-pooh soap operas a little bit. There’s a little bit of judgment passed there. But you know, we still have jobs. This is a good time in my life to have a job.” That said, its a far different job than it was a few decades ago. Steve Burton, who has been with the show since 1991, noted that the cast and crew is forced do a lot more work now in less time. “When I first started the show in ’91, there were 21 scenes a day we would do. Yesterday we did 78. It truly is amazing what we do and a lot of credit has to go to our crew, which is amazing. But having the wrecking ball poised over us and being on death row has really united us…This is just such an iconic brand and we aren’t ready to let it go.”

But who even watches General Hospital now? Anthony Geary, who has played Luke Spencer on the show since 1978, quipped: “Anyone who works at night like hookers. We’re in fact very big with hookers.”


* * * *

Summer 2012 TCA Tour Notes
Katie Couric Invited Sarah Palin To New Talk Show ‘Katie’

Katie Couric breezed through ABC’s morning presentation at TCA to hype her forthcoming syndicated daily daytime talk show Katie, disclosing that she already has invited famed former interview subject Sarah Palin to come on but has yet to hear back. Couric also has invited President Obama and Michelle Obama as well as Mitt and Ann Romney to the show, which premieres September 10.

Couric also detailed what she expects the show to be (she disclosed that Sheryl Crow wrote and performs the theme song) and that producer Jeff Zucker — long her boss during her years at the Today show — will be constantly in her ear during production. ”I’m really excited to be able to work with Jeff,” Couric said. “We had some great years on the Today show and have very similar sensibilities. We can finish each other’s sentences. And I know he’s got my back. I trust him implicitly. It givers me a great sense of security to have him here, to have someone in your ear whom you really trust.”

She described her new talker as being sometimes single-topic, sometimes two or three, with subjects that she as a fiftysomething woman can relate to. “We’ll be talking about the impact of technology on our relationship with our children, and the best way to care for an aging parent,” Couric said. “We’ll have a regular segment called “Women Who Should Be Famous”, about women who are doing extraordinary things and not getting credit for it.” Katie also will feature the usual parade of stars and newsmakers, she assured.

Couric also said she’s glad to be back in a format that represents something closer to familiar turf after five years at CBS News. “Some of the criticism that I endured there was hard to take,” she admitted, “because so much of it was so shallow and arbitrary. People would criticize me for the way I held my hands during the newscast, or wearing a white coat after Labor Day.” She also called Ann Curry’s recent ouster from the Today show “heartbreaking. I think Ann has done an incredible job. It was hard to watch that morning when she was on the air and close to tears. But I am confident that she’ll land on her feet and do great things.”

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TV Notes
Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Eric Dane Checks Out!
By Michael Ausiello, TVLine.com - Jul. 26, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy boss Shonda Rhimes hinted that more departures could be on the horizon following last May’s deadly cliffhanger — and she wasn’t kidding.

Eric Dane, whose Dr. Mark Sloan looked on in horror as Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
his soul mate Lexie (Chyler Leigh) passed away from her own injuries suffered in the plane crash,
has decided to leave the ABC medical drama after six years, to pursue other opportunities. However, Grey’s fans have not yet seen the very last of him.

“I am extremely grateful to everyone at Grey’s, ABC and Shondaland for the experience and memories I have had over the course of this run,” Dane tells TVLine exclusively. “It has been wonderful to work alongside and learn from a creative force such as Shonda Rhime.

In a statement to TVLine, Rhimes called McSteamy “one of the most beloved characters on Grey’s Anatomy.” She added that Dane “did not come to this decision lightly, but after much consideration and conversations, he and I have decided that this is the right time for his storyline to end.

“We’re a big family here at Grey’s with a long history together and Eric will always remain an important part of our famil,” Rhimes continued. “I wish him the best and I look forward to watching him as he continues to steam up the big and small screen.”

Dane’s Grey’s doc made quite a memorable entrance at the tail end of the show’s second season — punctuated by his emergence from Addison’s (Kate Walsh) steamy hotel bathroom, clad in nothing but a strategically placed towel. The sequence became one of the season’s biggest watercooler moments and led the hottie plastic surgeon to be dubbed “McSteamy.” It also prompted Rhimes to bring him back the following season as a full-time series regular.

Mark was eventually sprung from the Addison-Derek-Meredith kerfuffle and began an on-again-off-again romance with Lexie — a relationship that ended tragically in last May’s Season 8 finale. Unlike Lexie, Mark will (presumably) survive the crash. According to a Grey’s insider, Dane — whose alter ego Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
suffered a cardiac arrest of sorts in the finale, but was saved by a quick-thinking Cristina
— will be back for several episodes in order to ensure he gets a proper farewell.

Dane’s departure, coupled with Leigh’s and Kim Raver’s (Teddy), means Grey’s will enter its ninth season this fall with three fewer series regulars. (The rest of the main cast are expected to stay put for at least two more years.) To fill the void, the show has hired Friday Night Lights‘ grad Gaius Charles and True Blood‘s Camilla Luddington as new docs.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s ninth season kicks off Thursday, Sept. 27.

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Nielsen Overnights (18-49)
Fox wins another Wednesday
By Media Life Magazine Staf - Jul. 26, 2012

Fox won yet another Wednesday night according to overnight ratings that were delayed for more than five hours this afternoon due to Nielsen processing errors.

The network averaged a 1.7 adults 18-49 rating and 5 share in primetime, just barely ahead of second-place NBC at 1.6/5.

"So You Think You Can Dance" took up Fox's entire primetime schedule, falling a tenth of a point from last week.

NBC's "America's Got Talent" was the night's No. 1 show with a 2.2 at 9 p.m. The show is now on a three-week hiatus for the Olympics.

"Talent's" lead-out, a Jimmy Fallon music special, did well for airing in the usually low-rated 10 p.m. hour with a 1.6.

CBS's "Big Brother" drew a 1.9 at 8 p.m., down slightly from a 2.0 last week.

ABC's only original program on the night, "Final Witness," averaged a 1.0, down 17 percent from last week.

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Critic's Notes
American Idol and the Danger of the Escalating Diva Arms Race
By Richard Rushfield, Vulture.com (NY Magazine) - Jul. 26, 2012

It started as a simple, almost innocent idea: assign a past-her-prime chanteuse to the judges' desk of a singing competition show where she could offer the hard-won advice of one who’d made it while simultaneously boosting her own career. But with Monday’s announcement that Mariah Carey would be joining the panel of American Idol, the Diva Arms Race — which started with Paula, then escalated with J. Lo and Christina, and now has topped out with Mariah and Britney — has entered its next stage. Could television could potentially be headed toward its first full-fledged, live-superstar freak-out?

In all of pop culture there are perhaps no two stars less likely to sit quietly and smile prettily until it’s their turn to make some gentle supportive remarks than Britney Spears (who will sit as a judge on Fox’s X Factor when it premieres in September) and Mariah Carey. The former is practically the inventor of the postmodern live celebrity disintegration, having descended in a matter of months from glossy teen princess to head-shaving, cussin’, crotch-shot-flaunting, paranoid-gibberish-spewing disaster. In the years since her nadir, she has managed to somewhat take back control of her image, and through carefully staged, very limited appearances has begun the task of rebuilding. But so unprecedentedly public was her fall, that watching Britney at the judges’ desk will be like watching a high-wire act. Every episode will contain the possibility that she could crash down at any moment.

Whispers of instability are part of Carey’s permanent backstory. Throughout her career, rumors of breakdowns, feuds with other performers, and chronic stage fright have tailed her like the family dog. The tough-talking singer is also known for her brutal tongue, having, among other things, scolded one of her backup singers during a live performance. In the public’s mind, from the second Carey sits down behind the judges’ desk, the clock will be ticking until she loses it at a contestant. In other words, there is potential in both cases for “great television.”

This was all probably inevitable. Born in the ruins of Star Search, the singing-contest era came of age as a genteel throwback to simpler days of television; a celebration of big-voiced, big-hearted balladeering that existed at the opposite end of the spectrum from the hair-pulling spectacles of Temptation Island or Bad Girls Club. But a nice, civilized competition never stood a chance in a TV landscape increasingly dominated by Dance Mom–ing, hair-pulling, and Real Housewives–ing. A singing contest, by nature, is ill-equipped to compete with the last days of the Roman Empire tone that rules the rest of the airwaves. But the shows have tried, upping the drama in every way they could.

In the beginning, there was only one, and for better and worse, the tortured ride of Paula Abdul set the course for what was to come. When Abdul returned to public consciousness on the little-anticipated summer replacement series American Idol in 2002 after a long period in the wilderness, her presence inspired stunned double-takes from many contestants. In the years to come, though, Paula would show what a slot on a television Goliath could do for a fading star. Before Idol, Paula would have been hard-pressed to book a supermarket opening. But after a couple of years serving as the openhearted good cop to Simon Cowell’s bad, she was recording albums again, producing her own shows, introducing a QVC line — her name once again everywhere.

However, there was another side to Paula. No season went by without some sort of “incident.” From arriving on set after the show had begun, to seeming intoxicated on air, to accusations of inappropriate fraternization with the contestants, Paula-on-the-Edge became Idol’s most fascinating subplot. It proved ratings gold.

Attempting to emulate Abdul’s formula, Idol rival The Voice recruited its own teetering Diva, Christina Aguilera, in spring 2011. But Xtina’s Voice run has proved what might be the only alternative to the path of Paula: fairly boring normality. Aguilera has earned points for being constructive, supportive, and down-to-earth. But a relatively drama-free diva? (Her feud with Adam Levine aside.) What’s less interesting than that? The Voice, after initial enthusiasm, saw its ratings fizzle, falling short of knocking Idol from its throne at season’s end with 15.7 million viewers to Idol’s 19.8. (It did, however, nearly match Idol in the all-important 18 to 49 demographic.

In between Paula and Xtina (and following the forgettable stints of Kara DioGuardi and Ellen Degeneres), Idol brought in a star renowned for her fiery personal life, Jenny From the Block. At first, Jennifer Lopez’s presence helped bring Idol back from the brink, and the show posted an actual ratings increase following its post-Cowell dip. For Lopez, the seat pulled her career out of the abyss. However, the glamour wore thin with week after week of milquetoast judging. The Diva failed to combust and the crowd moved on, sending Idol ratings crashing once again.

Meanwhile, on The X Factor, the original judiciary Diva herself, Paula Abdul, made it through the show’s premiere season without a single meltdown, showing herself to all as funny, intelligent, and, to all appearances, completely sane. Her firing was announced minutes after the season’s close. To replace Paula, the show turned to the singer who has set the bar for public meltdowns: Miss Britney Spears. And here we are full circle with two roads stretching out ahead of us: Down one is the measured approach; down the other, potential madness lies.

Now the Divas stare each other down from across the span of the Fox lineup. The expectations for each could not be higher. Will Britney start speaking in tongues? Will Mariah rip some poor hapless young singer to shreds as America gapes on? Will either make a difference when it comes to ratings? The coming season will tell, but the one thing they almost certainly cannot do is be helpful, supportive, totally down-to-earth judges. Let’s be honest. That’s not why we’ll be watching.

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Summer 2012 TCA Tour Notes
‘Revenge’ To Explore “Free Will Vs. Fate” In Season 2
By the Deadline.com Team - Jul. 26, 2012

Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s TV coverage.

During a TCA visit to the elaborate Manhattan Beach set of the ABC primetime soap Revenge, the cast and showrunner Mike Kelley regaled the press with stories of what’s to come on its second season this fall. Not that they revealed all that much. Kelley revealed just enough to whet appetites. ”For season two, we flash forward to the end of summer again and then a real terrible event that occurs,” he said, “and then we bring the audience back to the beginning of the summer. We also open with a quote much as we did in the first season. This one is about destiny. It’s about whether you have a hand in your own destiny or whether it’s all laid out for you. So this season is all about free will vs. fate.” Part of that fate (or is it free will?) revolves around Jennifer Jason Leigh, who will have a major story arc in the upcoming season. She plays the mother of lead Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp, who Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
had been presumed dead until the very end of the series’ Season 1 finale.
“Yes, mother is coming, and she’s got some deep psychological issues”, Kelley said. “So Emily’s going to do a lot of reflecting on whether she’s genetically programmed to be a little bit unhinged like her mother — who is actually very unhinged. You’ll see the mother in the present day. And it’s a big surprise as to what happened to her”. He added that he would also like to bring back William Devane’s character at some point but that it won’t be happening for a while, as the producers are intent instead on emphasizing the core cast for the sophomore season.

Kelley also spoke of his intention not to play with audience loyalties on Revenge. He recalled watching Knots Landing and Melrose Place as a young man and hopes to engender a similar vibe on his series going forward. “There was such a slow burn” on those shows, Kelley says. “You trusted those writers and felt you were in really good hands. And I feel like we’ve lost some of that because there’s been these big event shows, these big mythology shows, where they’re asking you to go on a ride but they’re not showing you exactly where they’re headed. I felt like because those shows got pulled before the audience could find out what happened, people were just left hanging, I felt like when I started this that I wanted to tell the audience, ‘You’re in good hands, I know where I’m going, sit down and we’ll get you there. So that’s what I’m trying to do”. He hopes to take viewers on a similar ride in season two as he did in season one and hopes they’ll be coming back saying they like the stortytelling.

Revenge also gets a new time period for fall: Sunday nights at 9 beginning September 30. Kelley said, “I’m very excited about the new timeslot. They seem to be really behind the show. And it’s an historic timeslot. It’s a lot of pressure, and we want to perform really well for them, because it’s kind of an honor to be given that slot. But it feels like a night that they thought a lot about so there’s a flow to it. [Entertainment chief] Paul [Lee] said the whole night is about the battle of good vs. evil. So it’s got a theme to it, and I feel good about that.”

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TV Notes
NBC's 'Hannibal' casts Laurence Fishburne in key role
By James Hibberd, EW.com's 'Inside TV' Blog - Jul. 26, 2012

Laurence Fishburne is returning to primetime TV.

The former CSI star has just been cast in a key recurring role on NBC’s upcoming serial killer thriller Hannibal.

The veteran actor (The Matrix) will play FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit leader Jack Crawford on the show. It’s role that’s been played by Dennis Farina (Manhunter), Scott Glenn (The Silence of the Lambs) and Harvey Keitel (Red Dragon) in the film versions of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter novels.

NBC’s series version is being masterminded by writer-producer Bryan Fuller. Fishburne will play FBI agent Will Graham’s (Hugh Dancy) stern boss. Crawford introduces Graham to a psychiatrist with a rather dark secret (Mads Mikkelsen) who helps them solve crimes.

“Laurence Fishburne is an iconic man who has been making his cinematic mark since Apocalypse Now and it’s a thrill not only to work with him but to see such a brilliant, sophisticated actor step into the shoes of Thomas Harris’ brilliant, sophisticated character,” said Fuller in a statement to EW.com. “I cannot imagine a better cast for Hannibal than the one we’ve assembled.”

The 13-episode first season of Hannibal is expected to premiere in midseason on NBC and, given the level of talent involved, we’re definitely looking forward to this one.

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TV Sports
CBS Sports Network Reaches TV Deal With UFL
Will air games on Wednesdays, Fridays
By Tim Baysinger, Broadcasting & Cable - Jul. 26, 2012

CBS Sports Network has reached an agreement with the United Football League to bring the four-year-old league to a wider audience.

The cable sports network will air two games a week -- on Wednesdays and Fridays -- throughout the league's eight-week schedule, beginning Sept. 19.

"We're pleased to partner with the UFL and bring more live football to CBS Sports Network," said Dan Weinberg, senior VP, programming, CBS Sports Network. "Fans have an appetite for football at all levels and we're excited to showcase the UFL."

The UFL began playing in 2009.

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Originally Posted by Fastslappy View Post

The only thing I could find is that he was still on a ventilator as of the 17th , his attack was the 13th .. I wish I could find out more...

eek.gif He's been on a ventilator? I had heard he had a heart attack but did't hear about the seriousness of it.
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Originally Posted by dad1153 View Post

TV Sports
Erin Andrews to report NFL playoffs, World Series
By Michael Hiestand, USA Today

Erin Andrews laughs when she recalls how she last month thought TMZ cameras might expose her possible move from ESPN to Fox.

She'll also be a reporter, along with returning Pam Oliver, and work with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on its NFL Washington Redskins-Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game as well as on the network's top NFL playoff games.
Erin does have experience in the camera exposing dept.

In a related story Pam has signed up for slimfast. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by dcowboy7 View Post

How come they say "We have everything from a to z" & they say anchovy/ziti.
How come they say "Count from 1 to 10" & the person goes....8..9..10. biggrin.gif
The same reason people say "film" when there's no film involved, say "pre-recorded" instead of just "recorded" and say things like "irregardless" instead of "regardless" or irrespective" and "meantime" instead of "meanwhile" or "in the meantime".

They also say things like "I could care less" when they really mean "I couldn't care less".

People say a lot of things that are incorrect that eventually become "normal".
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Google Fiber Announcement in Kansas City, July 2012

5 Mbps Free, 1 Gbps For $70, TV and Fiber: $120

by Karl Bode

Google today finally took the wraps off of their 1 Gbps Google Fiber deployment in Kansas City, holding a press conference this morning at one of their new regional NOCs to finally give us some hard details. In the presentation, Google took more than a few potshots at the nation's sluggish average downstream speeds of 5 Mbps before demonstrating just how fast a 1 Gbps connection is. The company also gave users their first look at Google's new Google Fiber TV service, which pulls content from traditional and Internet channels using new custom Google gateways, DVRs and set tops.

According to Google, the service will deliver 1 Gbps downstream and upstream speeds to users, with cloud storage included and no caps or overages. Google Fiber Television supports many of the technology you'd expect, including multi-room DVR functionality and tablets/smartphones as remote controls. Google has designed new DVR, Set top and Wi-Fi gateways that all look roughly the same (black, rectangular, with one blue LED).

The company is offering Google Fiber in three flavors to local residents. One is the Google TV and Fiber package, which includes a symmetrical 1 Gbps connection, and one bundle of television channels (all major broadcast networks, hundreds of fiber channels, on demand, all in HD), and a free Google Nexus 7 tablet to be used as a remote control -- all for $120 a month. Google says if users sign a two-year contract, they'll waive the install/construction fee.

The other option is just Google "Gigabit package," which costs $70 a month and includes a terabyte of included cloud storage. For the gigabit package, Google's waiving the construction fee if users sign a one-year contract.

I assume that monitoring and selling your entire home's connectivity and usage data to interested parties comes free of charge.

Google's also offering a third package of 5 Mbps, 1 Mbps up for free for users who aren't quite ready to jump into the 1 Gbps pool. Users simply have to pay the $300 installation fee, which they can pay in one lump sum, or pay in $25 a month increments for the first year. They then get 5 Mbps for seven years with no monthly fee. If symmetrical 1 Gbps connectivity didn't make incumbent executives cry, the free 5 Mbps product certainly will.

As for future deployments, Google says they're going to continue building out the service in Kansas City wherever the company sees the most interest. The company announced what they're calling a "six week rally," which involves local residents going to the Google website to pre-register and pay a $10 fee. Communities that rally the most locals will get new deployments earlier, while Google gets free press. As additional motivation, Google says that local municipal operations within neighborhoods are slated to get free gigabit connectivity. The rally ends September 9, at which time involved communities will know who'll get service next. http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Google-Officially-Launches-Google-Fiber-120537

For more visit https://fiber.google.com/about/

You can watch the presentation below:

Edited by bgooch - 7/27/12 at 7:37am
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The new cast for season 15 of Dancing With The Stars (all-stars) has been announced.


6 former champions (seasons 1 thru 5 and 8) are returning.
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TV Notes
On The Air Tonight
FRIDAY Network Primetime/Late Night Options
(All shows are in HD unless noted; start times are ET. Network late night shows are preceded by late local news)

8PM - Shark Tank
(R - Mar. 16)
9PM - 20/20 (120 min.)
* * * *
11:35PM - Nightline (LIVE)
Midnight - Jimmy Kimmel Live (Charlie Sheen; Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi; Huey Lewis and Joe Cocker perform)
(R - Jul. 19)

8PM - Undercover Boss: Philly Pretzel Factory
(R - Apr. 27)
(R - Oct. 21)
10PM - Blue Bloods
(R - Oct. 14)
* * * *
11:35PM - Late Show with David Letterman (Howard Stern; The Airborne Toxic Event performs)
(R - Feb. 1)
12:37AM - Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (Vince Vaughn)

7:30PM - XXX Summer Olympics: Opening Ceremony (5 1/2 hrs, LIVE)
* * * *
12:35AM - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (Jeremy Renner; Betty White; Joss Stone performs)
1:37AM - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Edward Norton; Olivia Munn; The Gaslight Anthem performs)

8PM - House
(R - May 14)
9PM - Bones
(R - Apr. 23)

(check your local listing for starting time/programming)
8PM - Washington Week in Review
8:30PM - Need to Know
9PM - Havana, Havana! -- PBS Arts
10PM - Homeland: Immigration in America - Enforcement

8PM - Por Ella Soy Yo
9PM - Abismo de Pasión
10PM - La Que No Podía Amar

8PM - Nikita
(R - Dec. 2)
9PM - Nikita
(R - Jan. 6)

8PM - Rosa Diamante
9PM - Corazón Valiente
10PM - Pablo Escobar: El Patron del Mal

11PM - Chelsea Lately (Lionel Richie)
(R - Jul. 18)
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Critic's Notes
Bianculli's Best Bets
By David Bianculli, TVWorthWatching.com - Jul. 27, 2012

Public Television, Check local listings

On this weekend’s program, Bill Moyers interviews Karl Marlantes, a Rhodes scholar and Vietnam veteran who struggles to make sense of the concept of war. But as an online extra added this week to the Moyers & Company website, Moyers also delivers an exclusive video essay about the Colorado shooting, in which he takes aim at recent interpretations of the second amendment. You can watch that video essay HERE. Moyers & Company airs from Friday to Sunday on local public TV stations; to find it in your local area, click HERE.

Showtime 2, 6:30 p.m. ET

If you’ve seen USA’s Political Animals, even though we at TVWW have warned you not to bother, then you know it’s an unabashed fan fiction drama about Bill and Hillary Clinton, with the names changed to protect the guilty from lawyers. But here’s the real deal – a very smart 1998 political satire, directed by Mike Nichols, starring John Travolta and Emma Thompson as a thinly veiled variation on Bill and Hillary. Compare and contrast, and you’ll see why Political Animals is such a tame beast.

NBC, 7:30 p.m. ET

And so it begins. Don’t expect a dazzling spectacle on the scale of Beijing as London hosts the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Jon Stewart, reacting to press conference video in which a scale model of the pastoral setting planned by the Brits, likened it to the Teletubbies set.” Ouch. But here it comes, along with a bunch of sheep, some folks playing cricket, and Sir Paul McCartney performing. And from this moment on, the temperature will be taken for the 2012 strain of Olympic fever. For the opening ceremonies of our own Olympics coverage, see out scene-setting pieces by Ed Bark at Uncle Bark's Bytes HERE and by Gerald Jordan at Crossing Jordan HERE.

Showtime 2, 9:30 p.m. ET

Promos for Monday’s episode of Web Therapy promised a very special mystery guest star. The mystery was solved Monday night, when it turned out to be Julia Louis-Dreyfus, playing the sister of Lisa Kudrow’s Fiona. The two actresses had a great time acting out a vicious verbal duel of sibling rivalry – so if you missed it Monday, here’s a convenient chance to catch up.

Bravo, 10:00 p.m. ET

The Coen brothers did it again – made a hypnotically watchable and unpredictable movie – with this 2007 thriller about a quiet killer (played by Javier Bardem, pictured, who won an Oscar) and the people in his path, who include Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones and Woody Harrelson. Also, watch for Kelly Macdonald, who went from here to HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

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Actually only 12 DWTS season 15 participants have been announced.

The last spot is an online vote between Carson Kressley, Kyle Massey and Sabrina Bryan.

link here: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars?cid=fb_dws_vote
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TV Notes
Fred Willard Addresses Arrest, PBS Firing on 'Late Night'
By Jordan Zakarin, The Hollywood Reporter's 'Live Feed' Blog - Jul. 27, 2012

At least it got him on Late Night?

Commence the Fred Willard comeback tour: featuring a little penis innuendo humor, some humility and his side of the story, the 72-year old's effort to take back his name made its first stop on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Arrested last week for alleged lewd activity inside LA's XXX Tiki theater -- an incident that quickly cost him a job with PBS -- Willard has since claimed that the public display of self-affection alleged by police never took place, and he repeated his defense on Late Night.

After a game of phallic movie titles, of course.

It turns out, Willard says, that what he thought was an innocent polynesian adventure was, well, not that.

“It’s very embarrassing,” he said. “It’s embarrassing as hell! But let me say this: nothing happened. I did nothing wrong, everything’s being sorted out as we speak. I have great respect for the authorities. I mean, when we need a policeman, God bless 'em, they’re there. But, if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, everything seems suspicious."

He's trying to laugh off the incident, he told Fallon, and proved it by cracking a joke similar to one that he tweeted earlier in the week.

"My summary of the evening is that it’s an interesting theater, boring movie, and a great place to take a nap," Willard said.


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