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Theater Modeled After Skywalker Ranch's Stag

An installer uses research and first-hand observation to create a replica of George Lucas' "Stag" theater.

This is not your father's theaterunless your father is George Lucas. Instead of simply designing a high-end home theater to show off equipment options to clients, Johann Peters, co-founder of Longview, Wash.-based custom installation firm Charisma Productions, helped create a place that would make friends, clients and almost all others jealous. His role model? It was the mack daddy of all demo theaters, better known as George Lucas' The Stag, which is part of the super-geek's sprawling Skywalker Ranch in California.

Sure, it isn't surrounded by Lake Ewok, but this 16-seat demo theater does have its perks, including tons of THX home components and speakers, as well as a pro-grade JVC digital projector, JBL subs and Crown amps and a Mackie mixing console. There is nothing remotely close for demo purposes in other showrooms in Oregon, says Peters. Just Oregon? He might have a leg up on the galaxy.

The idea for the replica came after Peters attended a THX-certification session at Skywalker Ranch in 2000. Peters was mesmerized by a viewing of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. You only have to see a film once to know why I decided to model our room after The Stag, he says.

How did this Skywalker-inspired demo room come to be? Check out photos, the complete equipment list and more at