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Multiple Subs  

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Have processor allowing for 7.1 system. Currently using seven speakers and one sub-woofer. How do I best put another sub in the room? Do I split the signal going out to the one sub, and if so how?
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The way I'm going to do it is to run the Sub out to an amp then split the signal with a nice Y RCA cable. For now I am using the Y and it is working fine, but not enough power.

Do a search on this forum. This is where I found out my information on doing it. I also ordered the cable from bettercables.com and they built a really nice one.

Hope that helps.

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There are few ways to do it, depending on the sub you have. Joseph has a good idea if your sub doesn't have a line level out. Since my Velodyne HGS-18 does, they are connectable. One other piece of advise, if memory serves, most forum responders felt stacking the subs in a corner provided the best performance. By all means, check the archives.
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Thanks Joseph and Jim, you have confirmed my thoughts.
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