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How to configure system speaker settings on Receiver?  

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I have a Sony Dolby Digital/DTS Rcvr 110 watts by 5 and JBL speakers for 5.1 sound. My question is in regards to the speaker size setting on my Rcvr. I have read to get the best surround sound to work with your Sub, you should set all the speakers to the small setting. However in the manual it states to try Large first. Also, my front speakers are not really small in size--they are three way with a 8 inch woofer on both--Also, should I set the crossover frequency on the Sub Woofer up high to I believe the max on it is 170. I have a JBL 12 inch woofer--120 watt sub. Also I have a question about a button on the back of the Sub for a Phase setting? I think it has choices of 0 or 180. Can anyone explain what this does? I think my system sounds excellent now, but I want to make sure it is set up properly for the best possible sound. Thanks

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Although I'm far from an expert I will take a crack at some of your questions. I just went through a lot of this and this is based on answers I recieved on this forum.

I would recommend setting the subwoofer crossover frequency between 100-120hz, I wouldn't go much higher.

With 8" woofers on your speakers, you can use the Large setting.

The phase button on the sub-woofer basically reverses the polarity of the signal coming into the subwoofer. It's the same as if you swapped the wires on the positive and negative terminals. Now you are probably asking why is this important? If you have the front speakers set to large and the phase between them and the sub woofer are out-of-phase then you will have dead spots and hot spots in the room with regard to the sub frequencies. If they are in-phase then you have a uniform sound field throughout the room.

How do you know what phase you should use? Either use a calibration DVD like Avia or Video Essentials or depending on your receiver they may have a test mode that will help you set the phase.

Hope this helps.
-- Craig
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Thanx for the info http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif Does anyone else have any opinions on this topic. Take Care
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If you dont mind can you please tell me what speakers you have and what you think of them.I have an old pair of L-36 and a pair of Infinity RS4001.I am going to add to my system to take advantage of surround sound and I am looking at JBL,Infinity packages
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