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HDAD format

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I happen to come across a copy of Julian "Cannonball" Adderley's, "Somethin' Else" on HDAD (Hybrid DVD Audio Disc) format. Never heard of this format.

I've owned this recording way back on vinyl as well as on (redbook) CD. However, I must say this "HDAD" version sounds beautiful!

I'm sure someone will comment- "oh yeah HDAD format has been around for the last ten years"
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HDAD and its predecessor, DAD:

Classic Records

These are widely regarded as having fantastic hi-res sonics. Of these titles, I own probably about 10-15, and they're all excellent. The Alan Parsons titles are very popular. Somethin' Else and Blue Train are outstanding. Muddy Waters Folk Singer is stunning. If you've ever wondered what it sounds like to have Muddy Waters playing live in your living room, you need this one. I have a few of the soundtracks as well, Glory, Close Encounter, etc. Excellent as well.

And, oh yeah, this format has been around for like 10 years or so... Honestly, not sure how long DAD and HDAD have been around, but it's been several years at least.
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They've been around since DVDs have, because that's all they are. The DVD-video spec allows for 2 channels of 96/24 PCM. For more than 2 hi-rez channels, the disc needs to be in the DVD-A format.

A few companies (Chesky, Classic Records, etc) took advantage of this spec, releasing high resolution stereo titles that could be played on any DVD player (since they were standard DVD-V discs). Aside from HDAD, those discs were also called DAD (Digital Audio Disc).

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All of these that I own sound great.
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I see, thanks for all your input. I have a better understanding.

I will definitely order a few of these (HDAD's) they sound wonderful. Thanks for posting the web-site.
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Sonny Clark's Cool Struttin' is recommended too, though it's only available in DAD form, not HDAD.
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