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Björk latest album in surround

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Apparently, Björks new album Volta will be released as a limited edition CD + DVD with the entire album in surround on the DVD. I don't know whether it will be hi-rez or just DD/DTS, though.

Does anyone have any further info?

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Vespertine and Medulla were on DVD-A. I have faith in Björk's love for high-ressy goodness.
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I'm also hoping for DVD-A (and have pre ordered), but after the Boxed set was
A - DTS only, and
B - a bloody mess, authoring wise (appalling menus, dreadful navigational issuues etc)
I am not holding my breath as word is Metropolis are doing the work. It will almost certainly be a DVD-Video only.
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What a waste if they don't do it right...
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Well, the surrounded set was DualDisc, which limits the space available. They may not have been able to fit DVD-Audio onto the single layer. This time it's separate CD+DVD, so there's room. Have to wait and see...
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Also, the Surrounded boxset was DualDisc because the DVD-side had her music videos as well as the albums. I think that's why there wasn't enough space for a DVD-A track. I doubt music videos will be included (I doubt they've been made yet), so my guess is that the DVD will have a DVD-A track (especially since it's a DVD + CD package). It only makes sense...

Edit: So I checked Wikipedia, and according to them, it says the DVD will have a DTS track but doesn't say whether it'll have DVD-A.

These guys seem quite sure that it'll be on DVD-A, but I haven't confirmed it with any other source.

This is frustrating. I didn't realize any the album would be coming out so soon. If I could get confirmation that it's a DVD-A, I'm ready to pre-order. I emailed One Little Indian, hopefully they'll get back to me soon. I'll keep everyone updated.
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The surrounded boxed set should not have even included Red Book CD in any form at all.
It's not DPL II encoded, so it's not surround.
It's not CD compliant either. No DualDisc is/was.
So why bother? One Little Indian could have fitted the videos, High Rez as well as DD/DTS 5.1 versions on DVD9 DVD-Audio/Video discs.
The decision to go to DualDisc was wrong IMHO. It's a stupid format at the best of times.
Plus it is actually cheaper to replicate true CD & DVD9 double packs.
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This is the answer I just got from "One Little Indian":-

Hi Martin,

This is the information passed on to me:
"5.1 in dolby dts"

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Bjork is a very intriguing musician. I will probably buy a few of her releases. I've noitced quite a few titles (SACD, DVD-A and on DualDisc) at my local store. They don't really sell (so I'll probably just buy them).
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If you like adventurous and cutting edge, her 'Vespertine' release (about 2001?) was highly regarded. I liked it.
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Maybe we should all write to the record company & demand an answer.
WHY no lossless audio? It's supposed to be about the MUSIC.
It cannot be cost related either, so it must be political.
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