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Losing Audio When Creating HD DVD From HV20

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I have been able to capture my HDV video from my HV20 camcorder with Nero and then I used Moviefactory 6 to create the HD DVD. I had planned on using the method listed on the site here for creating HD DVD discs on DVD +/-R, but appeared I could skip the VideoREdo step becuase Nero captured the video as an .mpg file so I was able to go right to moviefactory. Anyway, after several crashes of moviefactory I was able to burn the video to dvd-r, and it looks great, but there is no sound. I know the audio stream is Mpeg 2 channel because when I played the video with Nero vision it stated this. I also tried changing the audio to dobly and pcm, but no audio every time. Any ideas would be helpful. If I don't hear anything I will try capturing the video again with capdvhs and go from there.
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MF6 will actually capture HDV directly off the HV20 in mpeg. If you don't hear the sound it could be in 2 chan stereo. Connect the stereo output from your HDDVD player to your receiver and see if you get any audio that way.
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Thanks for the reply. I did try capturing directly with moviefactory, but moviefactory just shuts down (I get an error message from microsoft stating that moviefactory has to shut down). I have the following setup for what it's worth:

Graphics Card: ATI RAdeon 9800xt
Memory: 2gb
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dobeman. How do you have your HD-DVD player hooked up? If you are using the Optical or Coax cable from your HD-DVD player to a Recievor, then you will need to make some changes in MF6 and they don't always work. HDV Audio is in a format called MPA or MPEG1 Audio which is two channel stereo. When your HD-DVD player outputs an authored disk from your HDV footage, it outputs the signal as MPEG1 which is not a compliant bit stream that can be used over an Optical or Coax connection from your HD-DVD Player. It does however work over HDMI (I can't explain that one). I have my Toshiba HD-A1 hooked up with the Optical to my Recievor and use the HDMI to my DLP TV. When I play a home made HD-DVD, I turn my recievor off and play the audio through the TV. It works fine, just not real loud.
This totally sucks. You have two options:
1. Set the audio output of HD-DVD player to PCM. This will convert internally the signal to a compliant BitStream 2 Channel PCM track that your recievor can play. (In my case this is not an option because the HD-A1 is a slow turtle and to change the audio output takes like 10 minutes).

2. Click the settings tab in MF6 at the bottom and click the MPEG Settings. In the compression tab, click on the audio and change from LPCM or MPEG to Dolby Digital.

When I first picked up MF6, this change was working and now it is not. I can't figure it out and if I change the "Do Not Convert Compliant MPEG Files" it will re-encode the whole thing and crash. But it does convert the audio to bitstream.

There is another solution but it would take 10 hours to explain it and uses two different programs to make it compliant.
Pinnacle 10.7 does have a nice solution but it takes about 10 hours on a duel core machine to make the file compliant and you still have to use Ulead to make your final HD-DVD.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks for the info. paintit77,
I have my Toshiba A1 connected via HDMI cable to my television and I can't get any sound at all, even if I turn the TV up all the way. Should I try connecting RCA cables directly from my A1 to my receiver and see if I get sound that way? Any other ideas? My next approach would be to recapture the video with capdvhs, then use videoredo, then moviefactory, and then burn it to disc with Nero. Someone else said on camcorderinfo.com that the files captured from the HV20 should be .m2ts files, wheras Nero is capturing mine as .mpg files. Any ideas?
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yes, connecting RCA cables directly from A1 to the receiver should work because I had tried it. MF5/6 have different versions floading around, some will convert 2chan to 5.1 digital without touching the video. It depends on the version. I myself have at least three versions of MF5, and they all have different features and glitches.

To see if the HDDVD out of MF5/6 carries any audio all you have to do is to play the files in the HV_DVD folder in VLCplayer (a freeware) and see if it has any sound.

.m2t files and .mpg files out of HDV are the same. one is stored as data stream and the other as program stream. if want to import .m2t files into MF6 just rename it to .mpg and MF6 will take it.
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Thanks godobehd,
I will first try playing the files with vlc player, I use it from time to time. If it works I will then hook up the rca cables from my A1 to my receiver. I will write back to let you/others know if it worked. As a side note, as I said in an earlier post, I have found MF6 very glitchy, it constantly wants to shut down. Do you/anyone know of another program that will convert the .mpg file to hd dvd (evo)?
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dobeman. When you load the file in MF6, try playing the file in the preview section first. If it doesn't play the audio there, it ain't going to play in the HD-A1! On a side note here is how I process all of my HD-DVD from my HDV footage. I have a Canon HV-10.

1. Capture the video to my PC using CapDVHS.
2. Process through Video Redo
3. Load file in MF6, Create Menu, Add Music Files and Burn!
I always load my settings in MF6 before I load the file. It seems to stick better that way-another glitch I suppose. I always set the audio to Dolby Digital 2.0 and sometimes it works, and most of the time it doesn't.

I used to have my audio coming from the Analog 5.1 of the Toshiba into my Sony ES Receivor that I have had for 8 years. Then I lost the rear left input and went back to Optical. I am hoping and praying that the next iteration of Movie Factory can get this audio thing right in regards to HDV. I also won't have to worry about it once I upgrade my receivor in a couple of months.
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Thanks everyone for your help-I got things to work using the following programs:

capture with HDVsplit
send the m2ts file to videoredo
send the new .mpg file to moviefactory 6 for final edit and burn

I placed it into my A1 and picture and audio were perfect-I changed the audio compression setting in moviefactory to dolby digital.

A note for others: I was originally using Nero to capture my video from my HV20, but for whatever reason, moviefactory 6 did not respond well to the .mpg file that Nero created-caused it to bog down and usually quit responding.
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