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HD compatible DVR

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Can anyone suggest an HD DVR?

My only source is OTA channels, but I get quite a few HD feeds and would like to be able to record them in HD.

I currently have a Toshiba SD recorder that uses the TVGOS guide. Works pretty well (when the TVGOS signal is working right), and I was totally satisfied with it while using it with a SD display.
Now that I have a HD set, I can't stand watching recordings in SD.

Since I'm OTA only, I'd really like to stay away from subscription based services, so I guess TVGOS is my only bet.
Any suggestions that use this system?
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This forum is used primarily for SD DVRs. You'll find plenty of information on HDTV DVRs in the HDTV Recorders Forum.

Unfortunately, outside of the $600 MSRP DVRs leased by cable companies, the only standalone HDTV DVR still in production is the Tivo Series3, with its $8-13/mo fee (varies depending on if you prepay). The $499 Tivo Series3 has dual NTSC/QAM/ATSC(OTA) tuners, so it can record two different OTA SD/HD channels at the same time, while you simultaneously watch a third pre-recorded program. With the Tivo Series3, all guide information is delivered via the Internet (via ethernet / wireless, and if you don't have broadband, a built-in modem).

HDTV DVR products are relatively expensive to manufacturer. Vendors found that most consumers weren't willing to pay $600-$1000 for a product with the very limited capabilities offered by the TVGoS software. Sony did make one, which they sold in that price range, but it was discontinued about a year ago. Search ebay on "Sony HDTV DVR" and you may be able to find one for $600-$700. Note that unlike the Tivo Series3, the Sony HDTV DVR has only a single tuner, so you can only watch or record one channel at once. [The TVGoS software for digital only supports a single-tuner.] As with a number of newer TVGoS products, the guide on the Sony DVR is full of advertisements.

No other HDTV DVRs with OTA capability -- without a monthly fee -- are expected in 2007. The Tivo Series3 may fall in price later this year, and Tivo has said they are working on slimmed-down, more affordable version of their HDTV DVR ($299-$399?). Of course, you still have to pay the $100 per year in fees to actually use it, so that has to be factored into the cost.
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Sorry for the post in the wrong section. Been used to only dealing with SD issues until now and haven't ventured into the HD forums much (actually didn't know there were so many separate HD sections)
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