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Onkyo duals?

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Onkyo also announced a new single-disc DVD player, DV-SP405 with 1080p upscaling capability, but it had no further information on when it might enter the high-definition DVD player arena. At CES 2007, it had announced its intent to introduce an HD DVD model, but Haas said that the company is looking at both [the HD DVD and Blu-ray] formats currently, and deciding whether to field either a standalone player or a multiple-format model. He added that a market entry could surface probably closer to the fourth quarter.
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Hopefully they make a dual format player. Hybrid players will end this ridculous format war.
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I wouldn't mind Onkyo delivering a Uni player. In fact I'm even more excited about seeing their HD player because their new 2007 HDMI AVRs support HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) so likely their HD player would to. That would allow the use of one less remote.

from Wikipedia


Consumer Electronics Control channel

The Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) channel is optional to implement, but wiring is mandatory.

The channel:
Uses the industry standard AV Link protocol
Used for remote control functions.
One-wire bidirectional serial bus.
Defined in HDMI Specification 1.0, updated in HDMI 1.2a, and again in 1.3a (Added timer and audio commands).

This feature is used in two ways:
To allow the user to command and control multiple CEC-enabled boxes with one remote control, and
To allow individual CEC-enabled boxes to command and control each other, without user intervention.

An example of the latter is to allow the DVD player, when the drawer closes with a disk, to command the TV and the intervening A/V Receiver (all with CEC) to power-up, select the appropriate HDMI ports, and auto-negotiate the proper video mode and audio mode. No remote control command is needed. Similarly, this *type* of equipment can be programmed to return to sleep mode when the movie ends, perhaps by checking the real-time clock. If it is later than 11:00pm, and the user does not specifically command the systems with the remote control, then the systems all turn off at the command from the DVD player.

I wonder how you manage this functionality. It's be nice if AVRs began to come with html interfaces for configuring options.
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