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Projector Mount

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Hey folks,

I have an "equipment rack" that I use outside. The proejctor simply sits on the top of this. It works ok, but I was thinking of getting it "up" higher, so folks could sit in front of it, if they wanted.

What do you think about taking a ceiling mount and using it upside down? If I installed the normal mount on the top of my "rack" and extended it up, then installed the projector on the mount, is that asking for trouble?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Here is the current rack, shelf, thingy....

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I'd be OK with a flush mount used upside down. I'd be scared of one with an extension pole though.
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I went with rear-projection screen material to avoid this problem.
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bclews, what material did you use, how expensive was it, and where'd you buy it?

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I use Dazian grey rear-projection material. I have a large front projection screen (8X16), but the rear-projection screen is much smaller -- only about (5X6), so the cost was reasonable.


I have a colonnade directly in front of our gardenhouse. It has columns that are 6 feet apart. I bought a 7-foot roll up window shade, pulled off the shade material, and replaced it with the Dazian material. I mounted the brackets on the colonnade, so that all I have to do is hang the shade and pull it down. The projector is in the gardenhouse so I just shoot the image out the door onto the screen between the columns. Setup and takedown are so easy that we use this screen more than the large screen.

The image is spectacular!

If I was looking for an inexpensive alternative to the Dazian material I'd look for an opaque, grey vinyl. I was surprised that I couldn't see through the material. The closest alternative I've seen was a ground cloth that goes under a tent. It looked like the same material, but a 15X15 sheet was only $15. I never got to try it so I don't know if it works as well as the Dazian.
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I may need to look into something like that. I've got columns that are with I think 16 feet between columns. This would be PERFECT in that location. Might be able to do something like this in time for the superbowl.
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