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I can't register AVS Video Editor

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I purchased AVS Video Editor, got a serial number, but when I try to register it, I get a pop-up box that says "REGISTRATION IS FAILED false"


I have to finish this project for tomorrow
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Hi! I think the place you need to contact is:

http://www.avsmedia.com/ (Online Media Technologies Ltd)

It's unrelated to this site (AVScience forum).

(But as an aside, if you haven't done this yet- you can try a reboot then copy and paste the Reg number you were sent making sure there are no spaces before or after the key).
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I've spent nearly two hours pouring over AVS site, Internet search engines, this forum, help guides...

I'm now in the process of re-loading the program AGAIN (3D TIME) after uninstalling it and re-booting my PC.
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It looks like that company is the UK and probably closed right now, but here is a help page from their site:

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Yes, sorry, 100% wrong site.

But Welcome to AVS Forum! The #1 place for Audio Video Enthusiasts. (If I do say so myself. And I do.)
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But Welcome to AVS Forum! The #1 place for Audio Video Enthusiasts. (If I do say so myself. And I do.)

Your not alone David, there is a reason there aree so many of us that have been here so long
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Although this is not the right web site, for anyone who comes to this thread from a search engine that is looking for help with registering AVS Video Editor, I thought I would tell you what happened to me.

I ordered the program and although they say you should get your registration code within 24 hours after ordering, it took 2 or 3 days to get my code. I copied and pasted my name and code exactly (no extra spaces or other screwups) and got a pop-up that said "Registration is Failed." I tried multiple times, but still got the same message.

After coming here through Google and visiting the link that deeann provided in this thread (I couldn't find it at their web site), I found out that I should select the product name and enter my e-mail address here:


I got a new registration e-mail from them within seconds that had the same registration code, but this e-mail gave me a direct download link and told me to uninstall the version I had and install that one. After installing, I copied and pasted my registration info and it worked!

So if anyone has trouble registering, just click on the link below and get a new e-mail sent to you that has the direct download link in it, follow the instructions and everything should be fine:


While I'm on this subject, I thought I would say that I love AVS Video Editor because it's similar to Windows Movie Maker, but it can handle more file formats and we can overlay text and graphics. It also gives you more control over Brightness, BrightnessEx, Contrast, Temperature, Sharpness, and a lot more. Windows Movie Maker has a couple of features that I like a little more, but for the most part AVS Video Editor is better, and on top of everything, it's affordable. There is no way I can afford the hundreds of dollars that you have to pay for similar video editors.
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i need help. you see i have used the un-regiester version of AVS video and now i cant use any more because something about class i.d not regiester. can you make some sort of up date like TraxAxPc did with theirs?
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Please see above, that's not us.
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Ofen, usually after I have played around with the sound envelope, the project view window goes blank. the sound plays ok but no video. I have to start the program from scratch to regain the video function. The whole thing is driving me mad.

Any one help thanks tonyb
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Sorry...again....Wrong site. We do not make video software. Thanks
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