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So, I moved to NYC from the UK and sold most of my HT gear. I still have my five speakers, but going from a house to an appt and smaller rooms means that I am limiting myself to two channel for the moment. Working in in the industry means getting replacements is easy :

Roku Labs M-2000 for internet radio and streaming music in FLAC format

Bryston B100-SST with DAC a sweet mother of an amp!

Castle Harlech S2s in Yew veneer look as good as they sound

Ancillary equipment:
PS Audio P300 power plant Bought it for the Bryston and Roku, but the Bryston draws too much current!

At the moment we are changing rooms around and the kit is all sat on the floor so I'm not quite ready to post pictures, but I can tell you that I LOVE the Bryston, especially given its twenty year warranty. Just wish I lived in the country so that I could crank it a little!

Next purchases:
Westinghouse LVM-37W3 (thanks to all the information on AVS Forum)
Oppo Digital DV-981HD (or possibly)
Gefen Home Theater Scaler (with any old SD DVD)