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Anyone have any exp with Control4 system? I am looking for basic CD/DVD
management/storage with the ability to control from my TV screen. This seems like
a good product. All responses are appreciated.
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I have a basic control4 system installed in a theater room with a DVD Changer. It controls all the equipment in the room and the lighting without a hitch. I am also getting deeper into whole house automation/lighting as I go.

For ease of use, reliability, reducing remotes, and price point etc, I think it is an awesome system.

Case in point. My dad's wife (not technical at all) and with a 1 minute conversation about the remote control was using the system to find movies in the changer all on her own. From powering up the entire system to powering down with no problems at all. Once I showed her the theater room we didn't see her the remainder of her stay because she was watching movies and she never had to call me for assistance.

With the release of ComposerHE (Home Edition), you have so much more flexibility in doing your own custom programming of the system.
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would you say that the control 4 system is the most cost effective way to have a touchpanel and scroll thru dvd collection feature?
How does this rank against escient?
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I have not used any of the Escient products but I understand they are excellent at what they do.

I chose Control4 because I wanted to expand on home automation and not just scan through a DVD collection stored on DVD Changer(s). Also, yes, with just the Home Theater Controller (HTC) & handheld remote it is very cost effective in comparison to some of the other options. However, if you already have a computer/laptop in use in the theater room there are some nice software only options available as well.

The touchscreens do get pricey with control4 and so far I have not added this to my home theater. This is under consideration though. I would say, the onscreen cover art selection with the remote is very user friendly.
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so with just the control4 HTC and the sony changer you get onscreen display to scroll thru the dvd collection?
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Yes! The Zigbee Remote comes with the HTC, in addition you need an internet/network connection for downloading cover art and of course the changer. The HTC outputs video to your display device that includes all the cover art, descriptions, ratings etc.
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In addition, you can get text info about all the movies, coverart, etc... via the remote itself.
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rjlexus - you may want to visit these websites: C4 and Forum4Control

An installer is putting in a control4 system for us in October so it will be awhile before I can give any feedback.

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Question on the HC-300, it seems it can stream music from a NAS via SMB/NFS (?) and then play it. Can it also stream IFO/ISO DVD's from a NAS and play them on the TV via video outputs? I love the interface and the coverart functionality, if it can stream ISO/IFO's from a NAS it would be a definite purchase. I'm guessing if it cannot stream it can at least play the DVD's from a large changer?

Is the HC-300 able to accept commands via IR, or only the Control4 RF remotes? Would love to be able to use my MX950 with it if possible.
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Ciner- not sure on the streaming from a NAS issue

However, it can control the sony es 400disk changer to play into a TV (or perhaps a shared video distribution system like key digital, extron etc)

Also, you can send IR in the front of the HC300 and use other remotes to control the system.
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Originally Posted by the rick View Post

Ciner- not sure on the streaming from a NAS issue

However, it can control the sony es 400disk changer to play into a TV (or perhaps a shared video distribution system like key digital, extron etc)

Also, you can send IR in the front of the HC300 and use other remotes to control the system.

That sounds ideal, if it could stream video from a NAS like it can music it would be perfect. Does anyone know if it can stream video from a NAS and play it on the TV?
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sorry ciner, but the answer is no. That would be nice, though C4 can work with other video streaming options such as the xbox360, xbox, etc. But, there's no built in support within c4 to do what you're wanting.

you may also want to read up on the two c4 forums to see what else is available.

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Hello all!

Following advice from my friends Strange Brew and Tumult I thought I would post here in addition to the C4 site to hopefully get some assitance!

I have a medium sized home with 2 basic and 1 dedicated Home theater that are my priorities with the dedicated been the first thing I want to do as finances allow. The nice thing about C4 as I understand it is that it allows me to "grow" the system as I go along which is great for me right now as most of my budget is been spent on my landscaping right now.

I guess the first thing I should do is list the equipment and the stuff I want to do and then maybe show the list of stuff I was quoted on by a local dealer to see if anyone can trouble shoot or "tweak" it for me if/as required - I really have very little idea so I'm hopefully a guru out there comes to my aid. (thanks in advance)


Main dedicated theater on lower level

139" 16:9 SMX Pro-line Acoustical Transparent Screen paired with a cinema class 3 chip DLP Kodak/Infocus 333 Projector

7.4 Built in speaker system with 7 x 8" Proficient (speaker-craft) + 4 x 12" Earthquake Thor Subwoofers.

Speaker Details -

W850 Series x 7
Design: 2-Way in-wall

Earthquake THOR-10” In-Wall Subwoofers x 4
Active Driver: 10” long throw SWS subwoofer

This system is hooked up to a Xbox 360 Elite, PS3, PC, HD-DVD XA1 on the video side

Audio side we have the Sherwood Newcastle R-965, MAS 7.1 switcher, 2 Behringer Feed back destroyers pro's (one for each pair of Earthquake subs), Flying Mole Cascade amp with 5 modules (3 singles and 2 pairs for the 7 surrounds), Amp running the 2 front subs is the Behringer Europower EP2500 and I have a Crown CE2000 running the 2 subs I have built into the riser.
All put into a MA rack model # MRK-44-27 which is 77" high and 27" deep complete with vented plexi-glass panel door (this rack also houses the components listed below for the AV equipment on the main level)

Currently this system is using a Harmony 1000 Remote and I smart homes Insteon light switches & IR controller for the lighting. We are looking at adding control for the fireplace and blower in this room as well

Additional HT on the Main level;

46" Samsung 1080P LCD on PDR articulating mount paired with a 5.1 built in-ceiling and in-wall proficient speakers.

Speaker details -

8" Proficient In - ceiling speakers
CA850 Series x 4
Design: 2-Way coaxial in-ceiling

1 x 5.25" In wall center channel

IW55Ix 1
Design: 5 1/4" 2-Way in-wall Speaker

1 x 10" In wall sub
IWS10 x 1
System Configuration: In-wall Subwoofer

Hooked up to Xbox Pro and HD-DVD add on + PC.
Sherwood Newcastle R-771 paired with the HSB-600 HDMI switcher plus the Alesis RA-300 300-Watt Reference Power Amplifier for the 10" proficient passive in-wall Sub.

Currently I'm using a Harmony 890 Remote through a Proficient IR switch to the AV rack below - we are also looking at controlling the fireplace and blower motor through remote as well as lighting in this room (1 switch for lights)

Additional HT on the upper level;

71" Samsung 1080P DLP
5.1 surround
LCR speakers are Nuance grand's
side surrounds are Mission
Rear Surrounds are Mission
Sub is 8" Energy

Hooked up to this HT is Xbox 360 Elite, PS3, Wii, Pioneer Elite X82 AVR and the Toshiba XA2 HD-DVD

Currently I'm using a Harmony 880 on this system. We would also like to implement lighting control in this room (1 switch)

Now to the quote I've received (I'm not showing prices as I assume this is a no-no but PM me if your want to know what the prices came back in at)

Dedicated room

1 C4-HC500-E-B Home Theatre Controller
1 VD-H-4 HD Video Distribution Hub 4-2
1 TSG-3.8C1-W WiFi Mini Touch - 4” (white)
1 RCZ-SRC1-B System Remote Control
1 KPZ-6B1-B Wireless Black 6 Button
1 LDZ-101-B Wireless Black Dimmer
2 LSZ-101-B Wireless Black Switch (FP)
NTE-SG1-B Secure Gateway
LNS 8-1 Wireless N-Router 8.0.1
NTE-SG1-B Secure Firewall
1 AC-2URE1-B HD Video Zone
1 AC-3URE1-B Audio Zone

C4-PR-30 Programming & Racking
C4IN Install

This is where I would like to start with my PJ and go from there as my budget allows- They have also suggested I get the Sony 777 (400 DVD) player which they said they would swap out and credit me for when the new Blu-ray player comes out later (this year?)

I would also like to likely think about using a HD-DVD / Blu-Ray player combo to get use of the 80+ HD-DVD movies I have for the lower and main level HT's if possible.

This is 1st on my priority list

This is the suggestion for the main level HT

1 RCZ-SRC1-B System Remote Control
1 LDZ-101-B Wireless White Dimmer
2 LSZ-101-B Wireless White Switch (FP)

1 TSM-10.51-B Wireless Touch Screen - 10.5”
1 TSM-10.5TC1-B Touch Screen Table Dock - 10.5”

1 AC-2URE1-B HD Video Zone
1 AC-3URE1-B Audio Zone

C4-PR-20 Programing
C4IN Install

Strange Brew has suggested I move the 10.5" touch screen here to the lower level dedicated HT' and I like that idea seems to make more sense then having it sitting on the kitchen island where it will not be used as much and likely to be damaged accidently as the kitchen is a high traffic /risk area for electronics in my home. A simple push button remote would likely do here I think.

This is 2nd on my priority List.

The Upper Level HT breakdown

1 RCZ-SRC1-B System Remote Control
1 AVM-TUN1-B HT-300

1 AC-2URE1-B HD Video Zone
1 AC-3URE1-B Audio Zone

+ Programming and Installation.

This is 4th on my priority list

Finally I didn't think with 3 HT's in the home (one on every level) that my wife would want or need speakers in our bedroom but now she does and so I've asked for a quote to get some music tied in with C4 for her as well.

Master bedroom

1 TSG-3.8C1-W WiFi Mini Touch Screen - 4” (white)
1 AVM-TUN1-B HT-300
2 TES-C-8 Teslaudio In-Ceiling Carbon Fiber 8"

1 AC-3URE1-B Audio Zone

Plus installation and programming charges

Some questions that Strange Brew suggested I ask (which I have but I haven't heard back from the dealer yet about)

Questions I've asked already;

Which Video Distribution hub is this? How many Zones/Inputs?

I'm assuming you are planning to distribute the C4 onscreen GUI from hub?

What are the HD Video and Audio zone components? It doesn't look like C4 gear?

Comments I've made to the dealer already

I noticed that you have suggested 1 controller for all the Audio/Video zones. This is not necessarily wrong, but it does affect usability. For example, I don't think I can have 2 users simultaneously accessing the Controller GUI. And when you access the GUI, it will take a bit of time for C4 to "load" the room I'm trying to control if it was left on another one. Won't I also be limited in how many IR and serial connections I can have?

I think I'm more inclined to have the 10.5" touch screen for the theater room vs. the family room. I believe the family room will be fine with the hand held remote and the MTS in the kitchen location.

I don't see an "outlet switch". These are power sensing devices and really make the Xbox work nicely. This would allow me to play by just turning on the Xbox from one of the controllers and have everything fire up. When I turn off the Xbox, everything would power off. They also work well for devices that have toggle codes vs. discrete IR. I'm hoping this will also assist in a "range" issue I have with the controller on the main level losing connection to the 360 in the basement on some occasions.

Thanks to anyone that made it this far.

I look forward to any feed back anyone may have good, bad or otherwise and if anyone wants to discuss anything "offline" you can PM me please.

I'm hoping to have a clear direction and scope with in a week at most and then award the job so they can be in and out by June 15 - 30th and I can start enjoying the benefits of C4 this summer. Right now I just need to ensure I'm getting what I want and also I'm not getting robbed or sold things I don't need so far the quote was much higher then expected but I've gone back to the dealer asking about his margins as well so hopefully he moves a bit on the overall price as I don't want to spend more then a car on this.

My construction thread here on AVS can be found here for those interested.


I apologize in advance for the "huge" post but I have a somewhat complicated set up with the 3 HT's and thought more info would be better then less.

Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by acucu View Post

would you say that the control 4 system is the most cost effective way to have a touchpanel and scroll thru dvd collection feature?
How does this rank against escient?

You might also consider MainLobby / DVDLobby which can be considerably less expensive with considerably more capability.
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