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Lexicon DC1 v TAG AV32R  

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Anybody any experiences with these processors? Would the Lex be sonically superior to the TAG, it will have v4 S/W and 24 bit DACs. I have an opportunity to buy the Lex and will not be able to back to back dem without a reasonable time delay.

Thanks, rgds
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Hi Steve,

I just bought an AV32R and I have a review of it here:


You will also find comparisons with the MC-1 (DC-1's big brother, but then you knew that http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif ) there. I feel that the TAG is the sonically superior unit, but the Lex has more features. The bottom line:

Go buy the AV32R and don't look back! I did http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
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No analog by pass for SACD in the TAG unit? That a deal breaker for me. I gave up having 7.1 channels for now so they I could have superior analog 2 channel bypass on my Cal Audio labs unit. Is it as good as the Cal with digital stuff? Lexicon is excellent for movies but no competition for the CAl unit on 2 channel, not even close. You will have to get something like an AR reference II tube pre-amp to beat it. I have been auditioning 2 channel pre-amps as I am thinking of giving up hometheater but so far none are better, in fact most are not as good as the CAl SSP-2500. Have you heard the Cal ssp-2500 yet? I'd like to know how they compare on digital sound since the Tag can't do analog.
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I have been very happy with the MC-1. Haven't had the opportunity to evalutate the TAG, so I can't help there.

As to component switching ... I don't use the pre-pro for switching. I have a dedicated matrix switch to provide capabilities I wouldn't have with any pre-pro.

D. Erskine
DEsign Cinema Privee
Imagine what you could do, if you could do all you imagine.
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I agree with Dennis on the matrix switcher, if switch you must. No sense in compromising the signal any more then you have to.
I would compare the AV32R with the MC-1, not the DC-1. The MC-1 has more features but the AV32R has a sonic edge. Depends on your priorities. Both are a pleasure to use.

BTW, the AV32R does something interesting when used with our new DVD32R transport. Since we STRONGLY recomment connecting the source directly to the display, we decided to provide on screen graphics for the AV32R via the DVD32R interface. By connecting a simple piece of CAT 5 between the two, the DVD32R will display menus and other onscreen information from the processor via it's internal video circuitry. This way you get no compromise video and processor On Screen Display, even with component video!

Buzz Goddard
TAG Mclaren Audio

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I am currently thinking about getting a new high-end pre/pro, and both the Lexicon DC-2 and the Tag/McLaren AV32R are near the top of my list. However, I was wondering how important people thought component video switching is in this day and age of progressive scan DVDs and HDTV. Neither the Lex nor the TAG have component video switching, which is making me lean towards the B&K Ref 30. Any thoughts?
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Thanks all for comments, you pretty much confirmed what I thought. It's now down to my ears I guess http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Incidentally Bob, I did a search on AV32R and Lex prior to posting and saw your posts on your unfortunate experience. I must say that the incredible intervention by Buzz has already swayed me toward the TAG purely for customer service responsiveness. It's also interesting to see the "hands-on" nature that Dr Udo Zucker (TMA CEO?) has with the TAG bulletin board. He posts an awful lot of replies himself!!

Thanks again.
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