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Any informed opinions on which would be the best reciever to use as pre/pro. I intend to use an outboard stereo amp(Odyssey Stratos, or Bel Canto EVo 200.2) with receivers preouts for 2 channel music amplification. But I've heard neither of these units, but have read several reviews on each.

I like the B&K's bass management, notch filter & EQ, w/ supposedly same pre/pro section as B&K's Ref 30. The only minor weakness for the B&K is it's use of 96/24 DACs, whereas Integra 9.1 uses 192/24 DACs (but I understand that the B&K has upgradeable DAC capability). Both are RS22 upgradeable (DPII, etc).

For HT the sound of either will be fine. My concern is sound quality for 2 channel music. My main speakers are Newform Research R645 (5*s!) and I use Magnepan MMGs for my rear
surrounds in 5.1...will look for BL/BR speaker to complement these for 7.1.