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I know this (th-50px75u) is a 720p set but if I throw a 1080 signal it still displays it!
Is it down scaling it? Should I go through the trouble of specifically sending a 720 signal? ( any advantage?) thanks gang!
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Most any set will take all the various inputs and scale to its native display resolution.

As I understand it (and that is not too well) ...
Technically, this is a 768p display, not 720, so alas, there is no exact input matching it that won't need some re-scaling (except PC output set to 768?). Reading through this and other threads in the past, there is some speculation that this set takes the input, converts to 1080 (i? p?) then re-scales to 768. So then it would come down to which device did the better job of scaling to 1080. This may all be hearsay or hogwash, but when I've played with different input resolutions, often I've slightly preferred setting them to 1080. And all the 1080i broadcasts look a LOT nicer than the 720p stations. But that is probably another story.

Bottom line: play with the different device output resolutions and see which you prefer!

Oh, and someone please respond. I don't want to be last poster on this old thread
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Great information thanks!

Next item on my OCD av check list are updated settings for the
(th-50px75u). Since this set is a "few" years old it would be nice to get a few people to post some updated settings.

Best post gets a cookie.
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I have owned my 50PX75U for 5 years now and have loved it! Lightning recently took out my A board and I can't seem to find one anywhere online. Does anyone here have an old non-working set that would be willing to sell the A board out of? Or any other sources for these boards?

I bought one on eBay, but turned out to be for a 42" and screen had a black vertical band on the right side.

Any help would be appreciated! It's too nice of a TV to sit at the curb and throw away!

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After 6 years of service my 42px75u is showing on a white screen two round clusters of greenish blue pixels and the center has a reddish tint.I assume the panel is on the way out. I guess it is time for an led backlit LCD TV!
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6 years now and going strong despite the kids attempts to ruin it by leaving on the movie intro screen all night. :-D
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My 42px75 will be turning 7 this fall. It has clear uneven wear from black bars and buzzes like a Beehive after being hit by a power surge (buzzes even when off) but the thing still works great and the picture is still solid. Not bad for a set that survived a house fire.
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