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Receivers: Denon vs B&K  

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I bought, at the suggestion of my dealer, a B&K AVR307 about 2 weeks ago. The problem is that my home theater will not be ready to audition any components for about 1 month, past the 30 days I am allowed to return the receiver. The dealer's company is building my theater and against my better judgement I allowed him to convinced me to bring the B&K home although it was not needed for a while, and in fact I need to now return it to the store so they can install it in the rack I bought from them.

Now, just read the Widescreen Review review of the AVR307 and the Denon 5800. The B&K got, in my opinion, a very negative review, given how these reviews rarely say anything too harsh. The sound was described as artificially warm, the sound stage for music was panned, the component video switching, which I plan on using, was described as introducing enough noise to make the reviewer suggest the need for an external switcher. The were 'pops' heard, albeit quiet ones, when switching inputs.

There were some positive things said but I am obviously concerned as I now own this thing and I do not consider the listening trials I did in the store as adequate given what I read. For example, I listended to only jazz and never did any comparisons with the Denon as the salesman pushed the B&K so hard I never gave the Denon a thought. The receiver was also not hooked up to a TV when I auditioned it.

So does anybody own the B&K and is the Widescreen review realistic or B.S.?? I will likely return the thing for credit this week and not bring anything else home until I can actually test it out under real conditions. Thanks.
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I read that same article. I thought the BK was much more flexible and had a lot more settings to tailor to your room. But the Denon sounded better...

IMO, I would get the BK Ref30 (preamp of the 307) and a 5 channel amp:

BK ref30 $2500
ATI a1505 $1700 (there are lot of choices out there - rotel, parasound, Sherbourn which are all around this price range)

Total: $3200

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Show all work! Pencils down!

I beleive the total for $2500 and $1700 is $4200, not $3200.

Just want to be sure you're not breaking the bank.

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Opps ... hehe ... yeah it was late at night (or morning). I guess when I did the orginal math I was probably using a used ati amp for about $1100.

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