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What's an RGBHV cable?

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I can't find a VGA to rgbhv (rca heads) anywhere! I can only find the VGA to rgbhv coax heads. Am I supposed to convert the coax to rca myself?

I'm tryin gto use this on my 63" philips plasma which indicates I can use a vga to rgbhv cable but the connectors look like they're rca type of heads.

Any help would be appreciated!
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The standard connectors are more likely BNC on the end of an RGB + Horizontal Sync + Vertical Sync cable set, since that type of connection is more commonly used for professional video. But there's nothing stopping you from using RCA connectors instead - if your TV has separate horizontal sync and vertical sync inputs (not very likely, though).
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Try here: http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/hdtv-cables.html

they have vga to rgb (rca) and vga to rgbhv (bnc).

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If your problem is just going from RCA to BNC type connectors, you can get the adapters very cheap at any AV accessory store. There is no signal loss or anything. BNC's are simply a locking type of RCA connection. I wouldn't spend an arm and a leg on a cable with the right connections if you can just get cheap adapters.
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The cable's I linked are very reasonably priced, not what I'd call an arm and a leg.
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You can buy one of these cables cheap, depending on which length you need:


Then buy 5 of these connectors (the second one on this page):

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Cool, thanks guys!
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