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Calling all M&K and Klipsch lovers - I need help  

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I've been auditioning the M&K S-150THX and Klipsch Reference Series RB-5 speakers and I would like to get some input from others.

The Klipsch are half the price of the M&K's. If I was using the system just for movies, I would buy the M&K's - I think! However, I like to listen to music also. I listen to blues and rock, but I have just started listening to orchestra.

Both speakers can play loud with low distortion. Both speakers, I believe have similar dispersion (wide horizontal and narrow vertical). The M&K's are a little smaller and I believe they would have the more seamless soundstage because the speakers are identical, whereas the Klipsch has a dedicated center channel (RC-3) that is different from the RB-5's.

What are your opinions of these 2 speakers for movies and music.

Thanks for any help you can lend.

Happy New Year,
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I own M&K S-150s and can tell you that they are the only components in my system that I do not want to eventually upgrade. I suspect if you buy the Klipsh, you will always think "I wish I would have bought the M&Ks" The opposite is probably not true. Only YOUR ears can tell.
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Gregory, trust your ears and don't believe anybody who says that the M&K's are good for HT and not good for music. If that's how it sounds to THEM, that's fine, and everyone has their own tastes and preferences. But sometimes these types of subjective opinions take on a life of their own and are treated as statements of fact, regardless of whether they are factually based (like the one that says that THX certification is just a marketing gimmick). You might find you don't like the M&K's for music, and that's fine. Or you might find, like others have, that what makes them great for HT also makes them great for music. But you have to live with them, so while you should certainly consider other's opinions (because it helps you to know what to listen for when you audition), in the final analyisis you should go with what you believe sounds best, whatever it is. (BTW, I have the M&K 750's for my fronts and center, and I like them well enough that I'm considering upgrading to the 150THX when I move my HT upstairs. So that's my bias.)
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As I have posted before, (you can search for lots of good info on people who were considering M&K S-150's)the purchase of my M&K speakers S-150, SS-150 & MX 350 is one that I have never second guessed. I love them. That being said, make sure that they are the right speakers for you. Vandersteens are also great speakers it all depends on what sounds good / correct to you. I agree with Smitty - to make the right decision you need to make your own decision.

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I am a big fan of both Klipsch and M & K. I would say go for whatever sounds best to you....bring some music that you like and audition both brands. Also keep the $$$ in mind, the M & K's are much more expensive then the Kilpsch. I honestly don't think there is much of a difference between the actual "sound" of the 2 speaker brands, however if I had no $$$ issues, then I would opt for M & K.


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Thanks for the responses!

One concern that I've been reading on the forums have to do with Klipsch's quality control. Apparently cabinets are becoming un-glued and magnets are falling off of the drivers. I may be better off spending more and getting something that will last - M&K's appear to be built like a tank.

I will also be auditioning Polk, Paradigm, Monitor Audio, NHT and what ever else I can find.

Any comments on these other brands for music and movies?

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Regarding the "musicality" of the M&K speakers, I have a complete M&K set-up (see my HT site for details). I originally purchased these speakers because I felt they were the very best at producing theatrical sound (dialogue, et. al.) and 95% of my HT use was watching movies.

Then along came SACD (as a "bonus" with my new SONY DVP-S9000ES Progressive scan DVD player.)

All I can say now is "Wow!" Listening to this two channel, direct to amps analog sound is an experience. I can't understand what all the problem with the M&K's ability to reproduce good music is all about. It sounds very, very good to me. Could this be a case of GIGO? (Garbage In, Garbage Out). Maybe the SACD audio is finally giving these speakers a chance to shine.

I'm not claiming that the M&K's are the best speakers at reproducing music. That would be foolish in an area that is a highly subjective and personal one. To each his/her own. I'm just saying that, in my opinion, the criticism of M&K's musicality is blown way out proportion.

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The one main concern I have with any speaker crossing over at 80 Hz is the potential hole between the satelite and the sub. Bass guitar falls in this region. I'm not sure how well the subwoofer would be in providing the pitch definition as some full range speakers that I've heard.

I know that I need to do more auditioning! I thought I noticed some lack of pitch definition (didn't appear to have that twang) on some Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes in comparison to a full range B&W (DM602 S2)and actually to thier top of the line mini-monitor (Nautilus 805).

What is your opinion of how well the S-150's handle bass guitar and can you describe any comparisons to full range speakers that you may have done.
I know in the end it has to satisfy my ears, but it's great to get other's opinions.

Thanks much and Happy New Year,
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You must listen to the S-150 paired with an M&K sub to fully appreciate their abilities. It sounds like you and I may listen to similar types of music and I have seen no drop in frequencies when using my S0-150s and MX-5000THX mkII for music only (about 30-35% of the time). After all, they are designed to reproduce the entire audio spectrum when used as a system. Besides, depending on what receiver or pre-amp you use, the default crossover will probably be 80 anyway (80 is defined by THX). I think someone above suggested at least an MX-350 but I have heard the 150s with an MX-200 and it sounds great. I would not go below that to get the best performance. Happy listening
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