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toshiba xa2

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Hello, just curious...I am using the 5.1 analog outputs on the player. When playing a Dolby True HD disc, and outputing Dolby True HD, when I hit the display button on the remote control, the display shows "Audio out: digital bitstream"

Shouldn't that say LPCM for lossless audio?
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I would like to know this too. When i switch in the receiver from multichannel to optical i can hear a better sound.
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I think i found my problem. In the audio settings you have to select "PCM" in digital out SPDIF\\HDMI, now when I hit the display button it shows "Audio out: Digital PCM".

Should i notice a big difference between Dolby D+ and trueHD?, the only diffence i can hear when i go from multich to optical is that multich is loudly.
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I have tried that also, with the pcm settings, and it does come up as digital pcm. However...shouldn't the 5.1 analog output show as LPCM instead of Digital PCM?
Simply because 5.1 analog is just that...analog and not digital. Hmmmm
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LPCM is still digital. I expect the confusion here is that the "Audio out" setting only reflects how your digital out is configured. Analog out is ALWAYS active, it's always the same, and the player has no way of knowing if you're using it or not. The digital outputs, on the other hand, behave differently depending on the source audio and how you have the player configured.
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When listening to DD+ or TrueHD,through HDMI, does it make any difference if we set HDMI to bitstream or PCM ?


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thank you for the info Geko 29...now I understand
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I did some tests to answer my own question. When playing a HD-DVD with DD+, setting the HDMI to bitstream will show "PCM" on my Pioneer 74 receiver. Setting to PCM will show "PCM96" on my receiver. Is PCM96 better than just "PCM" ?
Doing the same with a regular DVD with DTS discrete (Gladiator) will show DTS DISCRETE on my receiver regardless of setting HDMI to bitstream or PCM.

Bottom line, it seems that leaving HDMI at PCM causes no harm and maybe produces the best possible sound (if PCM96 really makes any difference).

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