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MPAA is getting ridiculous

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Bogey would roll over in his grave.


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Saying what's in the movie is no big deal to me. Funny how things change over time. But guess what you'll never see a warning for and it has a detrimental effect on more lives than any of the other "bad behaviors" combined in the warning/ratings...

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Slippy slope...

...soon, a Pixar/Disney/CGI type flick will be R-rated.

And, kids will have no content in their G-rated flicks.
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For all you people that rejoiced at Jack Valenti's death, instant karma's always gonna get you...
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"Clearly, smoking is increasingly an unacceptable behavior in our society. . . . No parent wants their child to take up the habit. The appropriate response of the rating system is to give more information to parents on this issue."

If that's really their approach then they should also include phrase such as "glamourized drinking", "pervasive drug use" and "frequent use of guns" in their ratings. I'm pretty sure at least as many parents would have similar feelings about those issues...

I don't have a problem with the idea of the MPAA supplying information, but it seems to be very inconsistent about what it chooses to consider as noteworthy.
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They do note "drug use" and "violence" and different types of violence (I'm getting confused with movie warning and the ones on TV/cable shows). However, like I said in my first post, you'll never see the other one mentioned. The more description the better - helps me know if I may like the movie or not.

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About frickin' time.
It has become so blatant and obvious that there are "product placement" deals behind the scenes for tobacco usage on screen.
There is nothing some people won't do for $$ ...some movies look like ads from back-in-the-day IMO.
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This means the phrases "glamorized smoking" and "pervasive smoking" will appear in that little explanatory box next to a film's rating, joining such warnings as "sci-fi action/violence," "drug use," "extreme sexuality," and "Lindsay Lohan alert."

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I dont smoke and i think its an obnoxious habit, but people do it, its part of life, and this proposal is totally ridiculous and absurd.

How about and R rating if someone picks his nose, then up it to an X rating if they eat it!

Maybe in the near future everyone will have to be given an entire script of the movie to read in the lobby, and then sign a release saying they have read every single word in it and agree to let everyone in their party see the movie no matter what age they are or no matter what views they have.
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"Lindsay Lohan alert"

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Originally Posted by oldschool4life View Post

Whether you consider her a bad actress or a prime piece of trim. Either way, people want to know.
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Yea ,the whole thing is pathetic if it will be applied to old films like Casablanca. At a time when the majority of all adults smoked it was part of the culture. I wonder if they should also warn of how sexist the men were in those films since it is often over the top or how almost every male drank in every scene at home or at the gal's house.

Isn't there a better place to spend time, energy and money ?

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