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Originally Posted by reanimator View Post

LOL, I know exactly how you feel. DYRL on blu may be my single most anticipated BD release of all time. I've already pre-ordered the "box-of-junk edition", because I just can't help myself.

The BD features an all new scan from the 35mm negative. Here's an HD trailer...


You can get the barebones version of DYRL for $84 at http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=BLJS-93007

Honestly, I will probably spring for the series box too BECAUSE I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF.

My pants just got excited!

Well, looks like I'll be out $84. No choice. I can reverse engineer the Blu-Ray and add subtitles. I have the subtitle track.

Heck, if I was able to get my hands on the dubbed track I could add that too.

I wonder if it will be a BD50 or BD25. If the film itself fits on a BD25 then I will be able to avoid creating a compressed mkv.

The trailer is cool, but has frame stuttering, which I imagine is due to them using the wrong settings when they created the YouTube trailer. Colors are insanely vibrant, unlike the muddy looking prior transfers.
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I went ahead and sprang for the DYRL "box-of-junk" too. It's freaking DYRL, man. The Macross series box, now...I'd be getting that for the extras, TBH (Perfect Memory!), but $600 is a big pill to swallow.
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Originally Posted by Matt_Stevens View Post

The trailer is cool, but has frame stuttering...

It has some interlacing problems as well, but I still think it reveals that the remastering was pretty successful. Colors not only look strong, but they corrected the bluish quality of the last DVD release.

And speaking of corrections, it looks like they're also taking the time to fix some mistakes...
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So Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is getting the BD uber-box treatment on June 26, with a Macross-sized price tag to match. Ouch. eek.gif (I'm not sure if this makes it better or worse that this is a Right Stuf exclusive--gee, thanks, Aniplex!)
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Aniplex, the enemy of poor anime fans everywhere. North America being the same Blu-ray region as Japan hurts us on anime pricing.
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I don't think I've even finished the DVD set, I'll bide my time, until the UK or Australia release it in a more modestly priced form.
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Akira, the 25th Anniversary BD: November 12. (Amazon pre-order, check.) A modest selection of bells and whistles (some of which I think are mirrored from the previous BD release, I'm not certain), but the one thing that sold me on this is the inclusion of the original Streamline dub--"Men, we're going to the Olympics!"--as well as the 2001 Pioneer/Animaze dub.
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Anyone pick up the Sword Art Online BDs?
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I know GERRY ANDERSON'S THUNDERBIRDS isn't anime (unless you count T-BIRDS 2086), but figured I'd post here anyway. I can't afford the Japanese limited edition blu-ray release of the tv series and the UK release (according to the reviews) have aspect ratio problems. Plus UK is region B whereas Japan release is all region. Does anybody know if the US will get a release of this classic show?
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This is interesting indeed...Japan got a Bubblegum Crisis BD release in Japan back in 2008, and now Robert Woodhead (yes, that Robert Woodhead) is spearheading a Kickstarter for a domestic release. Considering it just started, I don't think there'll be a problem with it coming out next year...
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Hell, if I had known, I'd have mugged Robert on the street and told him to "Shut up and take my money!". BGC is one of my faves from the VHS days and I still have Hurricane Live on VHS.
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