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Tray Locked - Sony RDR-GX330

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First post here. I was watching a DVD last night and my Sony RDR-GX330 won't eject the disk. The display indicates it's locked. I scrambled through my apartment looking for my user manual but I can't locate it.

Does anyone here know how to unlock my disk tray? It's probably something simple but I can't figure it out.

Thank you in advance.
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Sonic, there is no need to be sarcastic its a perfectly acceptable question.

Bigshotrob, have you looked underneath the unit to see if there is an emergency eject lever or system of manually opening the tray? many many dvd recorders and players have these
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Go to page 82 of your owner's manual and run the "easy setup" program.

The steps are:

1. press SYSTEM MENU while the recorder is in the stop mode.
2. select SETUP and press ENTER.
3. select EASY SETUP and press ENTER
4. select START
5. follow the instructions for EASY SETUP from step 2 (on page 23 of your manual).
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I had this problem today. I finally located my manual and it said that the "Child Lock" was on. To put the lock on, you must press and hold the stop button. To take it off, you must hold and press the STOP button. I did that and it still did not unlock the disc tray. So I unplugged the unit for about a minute and that worked. Hope this helps.

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