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Wow!! Only $40 dollars?!!?

That sounds very good. My bulb is still fine after 63 months but I have no idea how long it will last. Although now I am glad I never purchased a replacement lamp up front to have on hand.

But if I could get one for $40 and get 4K or 5K hours out of it that would be a superb deal. So hopefully when I finally need one I can get a decent price like that.
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First off I want to say thank you to all that have contributed. I have been reading the posts and it is amazing at the collaboration going on here! I am having an issue with my 65HM167...I have replaced the lamp with a replacement from ShopJimmy. After reassembly I got the 3 yellow light flashing issue. I am unaware if the firmware was ever updated so I have been attempting to do so. Unfortunately the TV is unwilling to take the firmware update. I am trying 2 different SD cards, one is a PNY 512MB and the other is a newer SanDisk 256MB. Neither are SD-HC and still nothing. It just keeps blinking yellow, 3 flashes at a time....any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

Just to clarify-
Downloaded firmware from rapidshare (newest)
extracted to root of SD card (6 items in total, 3 folders, 3 individual files)
Put card in TV (unplugged)
Plugged in tv and it just blinks yellow, 3x
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Update: Everything is now working. I went and purchased a 2 GB SD card from Walgreens, copied the files over, and BOOM! Updated without a problem so it appears that only 2 GB SD cards work. Next up is a new DLP chip from shopjimmy!
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Originally Posted by Jerrad View Post

Update: Everything is now working. I went and purchased a 2 GB SD card from Walgreens, copied the files over, and BOOM! Updated without a problem so it appears that only 2 GB SD cards work. Next up is a new DLP chip from shopjimmy!
Outstanding! cool.gif
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Did the chip swap today and it turned out perfect. Didn't have any issues with any cables at all. Was surprised how little dust was in there considering it's about 5 years old and gets hours of use daily. Took about an hour total...including turning the TV around by myself.

Thanks to all who came before me!

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Just found on eBay what appears to be full internals in case someone needs it...
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Anybody know what thermal paste you should be using? I searched this thread and couldn't find a reference to any specific paste, I replaced a chip for a family member over the weekend and there isn't much paste left on the chip in play now.
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So not long after my bulb replacement it's now time to replace the DLP chip. My dots have been appearing on average at a rate of one a day and just in time to spoil my World Series viewing experience. I've got about 22 dots now and the new chip is here waiting to be installed. Here's to hopefully watching a dot-free game later today.

So this may be a stupid question, but I can't find any info. on how to remove the plastic "trim piece" off the back once the screws are out. I don't want to break it. Anyone have that info on where/how to "push, pry, pull" or otherwise? I think I found enough details on how to do the rest of the process if I can get past this beginning step.

Nevermind. Locate five 3/4 slots spaced along bottom of trim piece. One by one, insert flathead screwdriver in each slot and gently push down to release tabs. Trim piece will then come off once all tabs are released.

Success! Thanks for all the info. I'll now be watching the World Series dot-free! The picture looks sharper after getting the dust off that projection lens. I'd definitely recommend cleaning that if your picture is looking not so crisp.

One issue I had arose from not pulling out the white ribbon cable on the DLP board. I left it attached and even though I was careful it got nicked on the sides in two places while I was maneuvering the board to put in the new chip. In hindsight I would have removed it to avoid that trouble. I wasn't real confident about the repair after I saw those nicks, but it doesn't seem to have affected anything.
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I replaced the chip and now I get no lamp and the fans are not on. If the lamp does not light should the fans be running anyway or are they controlled by the amount of heat generated.
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Just completed a DLP chip swap on my 65hm167! My TV is like it was brand new!!! Couldn't have done it without the informative guides on here and the amazing people at ShopJimmy!! Thank you all!!
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I too just replaced my DLP chip. Thanks to all of you who posted tips, guides, youtube links, etc. I could not have done it without the great contributors on this forum. I replaced my lamp at the same time. What an unfortunate coincidence it blew a couple days after I ordered the chip. Oh well, I ordered the Y66 replacement from ShopJimmy since they didn't have any Y67s in stock. I looked at the two side by side and I'm a little concerned that the Y66 is not a sealed bulb. Mine has two half moon cutouts, one on each side of the reflector. How long can this bulb possibly last exposed to air like that?

Thanks again!
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The filament is enclosed. The cutouts allow air to flow around to aid in cooling. You want that. wink.gif
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Well my 57HM167 started the white dots a month ago of course my warrany expired in May. Just orded new chip thanks for all helpful information.
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So I have my old chip out and it looks good can't see anything wrong with it. UPS should be here shortly with new one just wondering if something else causes white dots? Started out with a couple and spread to couple hundred at least in months.
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You cannot see the issue with the naked eye. The chip IS BAD. Don't even waste your time pondering if the old chip is still good, IT ISN'T! wink.gif
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Well, I gave my frequently repaired HM65167 to my son in law for video gaming. The latest light engine replacement (2nd replacement in 5 years) and a real Toshiba lamp had it working like new, but it was time for a change.

I ended up replacing the Toshiba with a Sharp 80" LED and am very happy with the increased brightness of the image and the bigger screen size.

I kept the Toshiba factory stand for my new set. It was about the only stand that I could find that had 9" shelf spacing, which I wanted to accommodate my 8 3/4" tall center channel speaker. The new set's base fits perfectly on the stand, with about 1/2" of space on the front and back of the stand. Slight overhang on the sides, due to the increased screen size of the new set.

When the Toshiba set worked, I thoroughly enjoyed it. My problems with what I considered short lamp life; the white dot problem; and the total lack of support from Toshiba once the purchase was made made me remove Toshiba products from my future purchase possibilities.

Operationally, the set performed flawlessly. No HDMI issues, great pq, and it functioned well as a giant PC monitor.

Things I learned from owning the 65HM167:

1. The money I spent on an extended warranty was the best investment I ever spent. I bought both lamp and set extended warranties from MACK. I maxed out the lamp warranty of 2 replacements and had 2 light engine replacements during the extended warranty period. MACK handled it all quickly and efficiently. The only delays I encountered were the repair guys having a hard time getting a replacement light engine. They warned about buying re-manufactured parts and ordered directly from Toshiba. Toshiba took awhile to get them in stock, but eventually did and the part worked as advertised.

According to my repair guy, re-manufactured light engines might not have had the problem chip replaced as part of the rebuild, if it was working fine when the rebuild occurred. This would give you a ticking time bomb for the white dot chip problem. Supposedly, Toshiba branded parts have a new chip.

2. Toshiba support after the purchase sucks. While Toshiba and Samsung both used the same chip in their DLP sets, Samsung extended their warranty to cover failures. Toshiba left their customers on their own for the replacement/repair.

While many here have done their own chip replacement successfully, my repair shop did not do just a chip swap. They only did a complete light engine replacement, which made the repair of the set so costly that most people would just replace it with something else.

3. Protect the lamp in a DLP set. We all experience power outages, surges, etc. The lamps in DLP sets don't react well to these occurrences. An inexpensive battery based power supply/surge suppressor will save your lamp when the unexpected happens.

4. Lamps produce heat and a small fan behind the set can help dissipate the heat the lamp and your other components produces. Good, cheap insurance.

5. When you shop for components and you see the name "Toshiba", keep walking.

Best of luck to those of you who continue to use your sets successfully. The chip replacement and use of good quality lamps should keep these sets on the road for several more years.
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I am new here, have read most of this thread. A friend of mine is selling her 65HM167 for $100. The only thing wrong with it is the white dots as described in this thread. I have never replaced something like this but I think I can do it. I have the video downloaded from youtube, I have the 65HM167 manual pdf, along with ordering the DMD chip, some arctic heatsink compound, latex gloves, an sd card, etc for the job. I should be picking up the tv in about a week along with getting the parts.
I have ran a search in this thread and can't really figure out what is best for a replacement bulb for the 65HM167. The bulb is working, but I would like to have one (or maybe 2) as I will probably replace it when I replace the DMD chip and have a spare on hand.

Can you guys give me some suggestions on what to purchase for a bulb? I read Phoenix, I have seen Toshiba only etc...whats the best bulb for this set?

Thanks, and REALLY appreciate ALL the information in this thread...I don't think I would even think about doing this without this thread.

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Just get some inexpensive lamps thru electrified.com . cool.gif
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Checked out electrified.com, and did a search for hm65167, only thing they have is the oem:
Is that the right one to get? I have seen a bunch of cheapies but kinda afraid to go that route.....
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You want the bare lamp (about 65 bucks) and you can install it in the existing housing holding the old lamp currently. Easy peezy. wink.gif

EDIT...Try Amazon

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Good luck with anything buy a Toshiba branded lamp, in a Toshiba labeled box, with the Toshiba 6 month warranty.

All the "OEM" designations in the vendor's ads don't mean that you're getting the same lamp Toshiba sells. The ignition module in the knock off lamps doesn't last, while the real Toshiba lamps fire perfectly until they die.

I've had lamp vendors swear that their lamps are exactly the same as the ones Toshiba sells, but they never worked long term in my 65hm167. After getting 5 replacements from the vendor who swore that there was no difference between the lamps, the vendor agreed to refund my money and suggested calling Toshiba to get one of their lamps. I did, and it worked like a charm.

My recommendation is to order lamps for these sets only from Toshiba. Pay with a credit card that doubles manufacturer's warranty. Toshiba gives you 6 months, the credit card another 6.

As an alternate, buy a Chinese knock off lamp from some vendor that swears that they are the same - just cheaper. Take some of the cash you save on the lamp and buy a big bottle of aspirin to help with the headaches you just bought when you saved on the lamp.:)l
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Originally Posted by aydu View Post

Good luck with anything buy a Toshiba branded lamp, in a Toshiba labeled box, with the Toshiba 6 month warranty.
Well, I know someone who didn't even bother tho read the fine print. rolleyes.gif
Bare DLP Lamp (Bulb Only)
6,000 Hour Lamp Life
1 Year Warranty
Works in a variety of TV models, see description for complete list

Sure, use your CC to buy so the warranty is doubled... Then the warranty is TWO YEARS!!! cool.gif Better than ANY warranty Toshiba will offer.
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I ordered a bulb and DLP chip from ShopJimmy and the swap out went great until I sprayed lens cleaner directly on the lens. apparently it isn't sealed because cleaner somehow got between the two lenses. Only solution was to put vacuum cleaner around the edge and remove the chemical ghosting. All is amazingly well now. Thanks for the advice here and write up. Too bad the last DLP manufacturer announced they are dropping RPTVs, these are great TVs.
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Thanks Splicer for the info on the bulb. I am getting the one through Amazon with the year warranty on it. Appreciate the help.
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You are welcome. Just be VERY CAUTIOUS when installing and DO NOT TOUCH THE FACE OF THE LAMP WITH YOUR BARE FINGERS/HANDS. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Splicer010 View Post

Well, I know someone who didn't even bother tho read the fine print. rolleyes.gif
Sure, use your CC to buy so the warranty is doubled... Then the warranty is TWO YEARS!!! cool.gif Better than ANY warranty Toshiba will offer.
Very true - if the lamp provides good service.

My experience with aftermarket lamps led me to the conclusion that I'd spend as much sending the defective lamps back to the vendor than the "warranty" was worth. YMMV.

I hope vendors have improved their aftermarket offerings for these sets over the last year. If so, they are a good alternative. If not, get ready for re-fire attempts after a couple of weeks to a couple of months of use.

The lamps I received that were non Toshiba were visibly different inside the lamp itself. I'd guess that the filaments inside were the ignition mechanism for the lamp. Even if it was made by the OEM manufacturer, they may not be able to use the same ignition mechanism as the branded lamps.

If the old and new lamps look the same while viewing the lamp through the glass, it may give equal service. If not.....

I'm not trying to get people to spend more on their lamps and I'm surely not a fan of Toshiba products after owning the 65hm167. I would like people to know that price may not equal value when it come to these aftermarket lamps, regardless of what terms or guarantees the vendor may put on their product.
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Hey Splicer
Just to update....
I got the TV from the girl who was pretty much giving it away for $100. I fired it up just to see how bad it was and it looked like a star field lol. It was bad...... So, I just followed everything in this thread along with some videos on youtube. Got everything cleaned real good, got the shopjimmy chip in there and put it all back together. WOW! 65" tv for under $300 total and working great!!! I still haven't got the bulb yet that you linked, but it should be coming in next week. I will just hang on to it until this one fails. The colors and everything look really great. I am so glad I found this thread and could make one man's trash another man's treasure. Coolness!!
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...one thing I forgot.
I meant to ask you a question. When I tightened down the heatsink on the chip, it still felt like it had a little play in it, like I could turn it just a notch. Is that normal? Also, I put a drop of arctic sliver heatsink compound on it. Was that ok also?
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Man, this is a great site. I have a 65hm167 with both dots and lamp issues. I will get to the dot issue later. I replaced the lamp with a Toshiba lamp (that is the label) and the TV would come on, but no picture and yellow light blink 15 times, reset and again 15 blinks, until the red light. I have re-sit the bulb several times with the same results. I read about a firmware download, but can not find it. I am not sure if that will fix it, but willing to try. Where can I find the download and will this fix the problem?
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