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Sony release a DSD PC in Japan!

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I cant work out if it only converts CDs to DSD or if it supports SACD too.
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Babelfish translation only says it has a DVD super multiple drive, so I doubt SACD is supported.

"It builds in also 80GB HDD and DVD super multiple drive. "
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I'm not sure which part you're translating but there are several references to SACD, the most crucial stating (via Google Translation):
"SACD the high sound quality as for the reason, DSD (1bit/2.8224MHz) converting the data of 1bit ADC front end, recording to the disk. When playing back it inputs into the analog low-pass filter of the DAC last step, because to analog sound it has converted, the bypass it does the above-mentioned digital filter."
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I translated the key points:

It's a pre-installed software that will convert, in real time, normal 44.1/16bit CD source to DSD for play back (requires Core2 Duo 2GHz or better for this functionality). This Vaio model has a " Sound Reality " audio chip, capable of 107dB S/N, does 192/24 and supports DSD recording and playback. Using the package software "SonicStage Mastering Studio", any WAV file can also be converted to DSD.

In normal CD recording processing, analog sound is passed through ADC. Using the 1-bit decimation digital filter, sound coming into the ADC front end is convereted to 44.1/16 PCM signals. In play back, interpolation digital filter in the DAC is used to convert the sound back to analog. Between these two filters, some losses and computational errors can result, impacting the sound quality. Because SACD/DSD uses only a low-pass filter in the final DAC, it effectively bypasses the play-back digital filteration.

In "DSD Direct Player", PCM signals are converted to DSD directly, and bypasses the output DAC. This results in elimination of computational mismatch and minimizes the filter-related losses.

Projected pricing: 290000~350000 yens.
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