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speaker recommendaions  

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Hey guys, upgrading from 1978 KEF 104 AB's, SSW10 Infinity sub, Soundwave dialogue center, and 2 pr. Rock solids as effects. Please recommend sonically matched speakers I should look for with budget outside of sub, of $2000-$2500. Will add sub later! Need mains, new center, front and rear effects for presently Yamaha 2095 7 ch receiver that is DTS and DD. Would soon like to also upgrage that to Denon 5800. How about systems to look for USED! And pls. advise where on net to find many spker systems used where I can save $$$. And I am open to brand new, there's so much out there it's difficult to know what to go hear! Would definitely consider late model used ACI's..

Thanks Dave ...
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The new Acoustic Energy AESPRIT speakers are awesome. They debuted at CES. They will sell REAL well. See my report in the AVI&SG forum.

A setup would be about 2.5-4k. If thats too much the AE AEGIS series is an excellent value in the 1k-2.5k range.


Migliore Theater
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PARADIGM! Read the reviews, Ten years worth of awards says it all. Here is their web site: www.paradigm.ca Let me know if you need anymore info. HTman.
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