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VonSchweikert @CES  

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For Steve G., John F. and avid VS followers, Albert Von Schweikert introduced his new VR line-up at three locations during CES to an enthusiastic crowd. I had the pleasure of finally meeting a humble, warm, self-assured, confident, and soft spoken, Albert. A perfectionist in practice, he is truly and personally committed to the faithful reproduction of the live musical event for you, in the comfort of your home listening environment. I love this guy!!!

Their was only one speaker that exceeded the performance of the VR5's at the show,,, they were a pair of his new VR7's,,,ok so I'm just a little partial. I honestly walked the hi-end audio rooms using my VR5's as a reference and measuring stick when comparing the others. Their were larger and much more expensive/expansive systems. The Alon exhibit had 4 large towers, 8-9'tall each, as two columns housed vertical woofer array's that created such massive sound pressure you could feel the air produced being swept across the room and actually shake the artifical ficus'leaves from 10-12 feet away. I wondered on a couple of occasions during the audition whether the room above might come crashing down. Kharma, Avalon, Eggelston, ML, Wisdom, etc., all offered great sounds, but none delivered the overall articulation, finesse, detail, transparency, depth, and true realism of the instruments top to bottom, as the VR's. By the way, the above system prices ran the range of 7k to 120k.

The EAD room was tiny but very musical with Von Schweikert VR3.5's front and back, the new LCR35, and 5 new VR subs. Emerson Lake & Palmer's "Lucky Man" never sound so lifelike, while being played on the new (prototype)EAD DVD-A player. The 3.5's are small VR5's and simply, disappear. Drivers housed in this narrow 7" wide enclosure, 42"
high, with rear ambient soft dome tweeter contribute to the disappearing act no doubt. Their small footprint seem to make them ideal in any size listening room serving up a large and engaging soundstage, while occupying little floorspace,,, they've made my most recent wish list.

The real surprise of the line was the re-introduction of the affordable VR4-GenIII(?). Man, these babies sing, not quite sonically up to the level of the 5's perhaps, they are glorious sounding and physically gorgeous!

Albert and his design team have hit home run after home run. An "MVP" with a passion for music he, Jeff, Linda, and the other artists under Alberts employ make up a truly All Star Team of the decade!!!
Listen for yourself!

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You should have been in the EAD/VS room when I was in there -- I had some "tunage" on DVD-Audio they didn't have.

Joni Mitchell sounding smashing as did Aaron Neville on the same rig.

Yep -- the new VS products look very promising indeed.

Contributing Writer,
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
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I am a huge Joni Mitchell and Aaron Neville fan. Neville's singing "Stardust" on the Wasserman Duet's CD is an all time fav. Joni Mitchell's latest CD may be her most recent BEST.
I am real curious then to know if your artist samples are commercially avail.??

John, I failed to mention in my earlier post the beautiful sound coming from the Hovland room from their combination of the seductive Hovaland preamp, and the SE Von Schweikert VR5's using Hovland parts. Did you get a chance to audition the pair??

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J/K http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

Hope I can go next year, sounds like there were some nice things to see (SACD)...
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Albert Von Schweikert is the AVS scheduled guest this Sunday.
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