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How can you tell...

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If a station is broadcasting at 96kbps? I'm pretty amazed at some of the sound quality on some of these stations, expecailly on my 6.1 system!
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The only sure way is to email them.

There is one station here that is broadcasting only one digital channel but the engineer said it's only 48 Kbps because they intend to add another channel someday.
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Personally i wish people would listen WITH THEIR EARS! Does it sound good? If so, IT IS GOOD!

What average consumer cares if a tv station is broadcasing in 720p, or 1080i?
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Just a guess... 90.7?
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At first I thought "48kbps because they plan to add another stream some day"? That's retarded! Why not sound as good as possible NOW? But I suppose I can understand not wanting to be screamed at by the two listeners who can tell a difference, and are "shocked" at the sudden decline in quality when they do add the second stream. Suppose that could be it?
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Originally Posted by jr_tech View Post

Just a guess... 90.7?

You got it. KBOO is only broadcasting a single 48 Kbps stream. You can tell with your ears sometimes.
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