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Dragonheart: problems with "old" CGI in HD??

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I just checked the PQ of "Dragonheart". The overall quality is pretty good.

BUT: In the scenes with the dragon you can spot the CGI from miles away. It just looks fake. Those were the early days of CG and the image detail and quality weren´t as good back then. You probably don´t notice it that much on a DVD, but the HD resolution clearly shows it.

I am a bit worried that "Jurassic Park" won´t be that WOW-movie anymore once it´s out in HD.

What do you think?
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Yeah, the dragon looks fake. I had the same problem with King Kong, E.T., and Bugs Bunny. If something looks fake it can't be enjoyable or effective, right?

Jurassic Park was seen in 35mm, in real theaters. I'm sure it will stand up well in HD. The only problem might be that the VFX shots might be softer than the rest of the film because of the limitations of film scanning and rendering back in '92/'93. I don't think ILM was doing 2k renders yet.
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The dayligt scenes in JP will look the worse. The nightime rain scenes will look the best.
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Originally Posted by benes View Post

CG seems to look better on film. Maybe because thats what they are targeting for. When I saw Spider-man 2 in the theater I thought it was the best CG integration I've ever seen. But when I saw the HD version it looked like a cartoon.

Yes by transfer the movie to film, you add filmgrain to the movie, the filmgrain does help the CG to blend with the footage.

Of course there is nothing that doesnt say you can add filmgrain in post for the digital master.
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the T-rex night time attack will look awesome but the the day light cgi will stand out, just as it did back in the Cinema. JP was the first DTS cinema release so should rock the house when it arrives
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I think JP will look great. I remember watching the SD version a couple years ago, and thinking how well the CG had dated, despite being one of the first movies with big CG effects.

I think because it was one of the first, a lot of time was put into making it look as good as possible, whereas quite a few movies after it just used CG as a cheap alternative to practical effects, making it look a little fake.

Same with T2, the CG still looks brilliant in that movie.
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