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Mits A/V Receivers  

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Does anyone have any experience with the Mits line of receivers (700 and 900 I think)? I have a new Mits 65807 and am moving into a new house where I already had the speakers built into the walls. Now I need a good A/V receiver. I thought I would stick with Mits for the DVD and A/V since they would integrate well with the TV.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I would be looking for best quality for modest price (less than say $800).

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I have worked with the 700 I believe and I didn't like it very much. The remote was horrible and useless for controlling the entire system consisting of all Mits stuff.

Gifford Largey
AudioVision Systems
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Mits makes good TV's.. bottom line. The same goes for Speakers
and Sony. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


Dan Henderson
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For the price they are the best looking recievers on the market for the price. But I dont think they are verry special in the quality dept.

Evan Adams
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Does that mean there is a better solution? What is the best quality out there at a modest price?
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they look good ... like an imac
but a yamaha, dennon, Sony DB, or Outlaw are all better performers. But the mits look great!

Evan Adams
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"Does that mean there is a better solution? What is the best quality out there at a modest price?"
Many say the under $600.
Integra 5.1 and Onkyo 575X.

Gifford Largey
AudioVision Systems

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I would recommend the outlaw 1050 which you can buy it for 599 from outlawaudio.com. They offer very clean sound, 6.1, and also have excellent customer service. Moreover, if you are not happy, you can return it within 30 days (add $25 for shipping)I am very happy with my outlaw http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif. You can read other user reviews at audioreview.com

For the $$ this is the best value for money IMHO.

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I just purchased a Harman Kardon 510 for use with a Mitsubishi 55805 television similar to yours.

Just read the write-up on the Outlaw receiver mentioned above. Seems
like a good buy - but I definetly wanted digital outputs in addition
to digital inputs. I wanted to be able to switch signals back out to
digital recorders - like minidisc, CD-R, or DAT. Outlaw doesn't
have that - but otherwise I'm intrigued...

Having owned the Harman Kardon now for about a month, there are two
things that I love about it.

1.) You can set the levels for each of the speakers - and it remembers
them - for different setups. Don't have to fiddle with the levels
if I switch between a Dolby Digital and DTS disc, or watch regular
old television with that old prehistoric prologic stuff.

2.) The Logic7 modes on the Harman Karmon work great with non-DD, and
non-DTS sources.

More importantly, the Harman Kardon seems to be in your price range.

I looked at Mitsubishi receivers for about half a second. Just not
enough there to justify staying with the same manufacturer as your
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Where did you get the HK 510? What is the price?
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