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Originally Posted by JohnLosAltos View Post


Wow - the James outdoor speakers are beautiful and creatively packaged - thanks for sharing that link (I'll buy them the day after Google buys my company )

Can you possibly recommend a outdoor, weatherproof, internally powered (no external amp) sub in the more moderate (up to $700.) price range ?

We are temporarily using an old KLH 100W indoor sub outdoor (see attached picture - it brings a whole new dimension to hanging out outside - everybody should have an outdoor sub !) but need to get something weather proof before the rains come (Oct.).

Other things:
- Listening habits: music (rock & jazz)
- Size: sitting area 20' from sub, big backyard
- Appearance: doesn't matter
- Power: 110 V GFI protected
- System: Speakercraft Outdoor (tweeter and mid), Denon 3805 amp
- Timeframe to must buy: two week

Thanks a million for any suggestion you have. Will check out AmaAudioDude's store link also.

- John

I don't know of any off hand but will post if I find something.

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Originally Posted by JFISHER View Post

I am just about finished with the deck and starting to look at speaker options. I do not want to mount speakers on the back of the house and I would like to make the speakers as invisible as possible so I was thinking about planter style speakers to sit in each corner of the deck. The deck is about 2 feet off the ground so I do not think that rock speakers or omni in-ground speakers would work. Anybody have any suggestions on brand of outdoor speakers and seen any reviews. I have not been able to find many reviews. Thanks.

5/27 was the original post with no update from the OP? Was everyone able to help you out? Did you make a decision? Tell us about it...
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The original post was May 27, 2007!
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I am considering purchasing Niles Audio CM760DS speakers for a covered patio I am in the process of building. Anyone have anything to say about these speakers good or bad???
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Here are some interesting things we found out from google maps about outdoorspeakerST0RE, why this guy copy our stuff, register the similar store name like ours and bad mouth about us?




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check this link from senior forum member about OSD Audio PS10 Home Theatre Power Subwoofer.


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TIC - is it the abbreviation of "This Is China"

TIC is not the inventor of "omni" speakers - Paramount Picture is the original omni speaker company and they still hold for the trade mark of omni speakers.
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