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Anyone that has an awesome HTPC will be grinning ear to ear when this game comes out

New things in video I noticed:

*Suit now physically changes based on what "power up" is used
*The game is smooth as butter (no idea what its being ran on)
*Shotgun and pistols + their enhancements shown
*When a grenade is thrown, the user HUD draws a box around it to identify it
*Enemies are now identified by on-screen markers
*Dual Wielding shown, player is using a gun in right hand and a melee object he picked up in left hand.
*Smoke grenades have a very nice effect
*He picked up one of the Korean enemies by his throat and threw him into a fire. Then punched him to death
*Bashing with weapons is possible ala Halo

Quite a big difference from videos just shown a month ago