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New forum setup looks great  

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I have negative comments on the new setup:

1) The gaudy colors are pervasive, including taking over my scroll bar.

2) I cannot get more posts on a single screen, desipte preferences. Should be able to get 50 or whatever.

3) Column spacing does not optimize based on width, a wide column for a short topic starter and a compressed title column not showing the number of thread pages (e.g., 3rd Boston thread) doesn't make sense.

4) It updates every change, which is timeconsuming, even if just back paging. (We all don't have broadband!!!).

5) Most important: color does not change for read threads per browser defaults. This was a good visual queue for threads of interest or at least not to reread the same info based on nebuluous titles or senior moments.

Constructive criticism:

1) It would be good if the above could be fixed.

2) I don't know the value of subscribing to forums, but I know what it could be. The Forum drop down could finally be useful if it was context sensitive to show subscribed forums. Then I wouldn't need 6 icons in my kink bar on my browser for the forums I visit regularly. This would be a step forward.

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Go to the forum feedback section. David is having active dialog there on many of your issues. He is doing a remarkable job considering the enormous task. The new functions are really nice but I'd have to admit the colors of the forum have gone from bad to worse!

What I said in another thread:

David- Congrats!

You did it. The read threads are now in bright purple which at least tells me which ones I was following at a glance.

BTW- Who color coordinates your clothing every morning? I hope you don't! LOL! This forum looks like it was designed by an Amish farmer from Lancaster County PA.
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As much as we encourage the feedback, it would have a better audience in the Forum Feedback area.

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It can't be designed by an Amish farmer, otherwise everything would have been black! Actually, I'd like to defend the Amish,
them being cousins of mine. They design excellent furniture
and if they were into designing websites they would do a very solid job! Marv
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