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Coax Type-F Tools (TV Cabling)

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So I've got my new HDTV and am going to set up an attic Antenna for local reception. I'm looking at buying some cabling tools online, but need some help, as I can't have them in my hands to make sure I'm getting the right items.

I'm running coax cable from my antenna to the wall next to my TV. Less then 40'. I think I need Type-F tools, correct?

I have a cable stripper already.

Any suggestions as to a good online retailer and the tools I'll need?

Need crimper, cable and connectors (standard US TV connection/hook-up).
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partsexpress.com sells most of the stuff you'll need. For f-type connections I just got a crimper and F-connectors from Home Depot. For RCA or BNCs you could think about investing in a Canare crimp setup. It sounds like you're talking about a small number of cables so there's no sense in spending a bundle (in fact, it might be cheaper to just buy some good ones from an online retailer like Blue Jeans cable, etc.).
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Skip the crimp kind & go straight for the compression type fittings. Get the Zenith compression tool from Lowes($12) & pick up some Digicon fittings off eBay. Same cost as crimp, better connection.
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I use Canare stuff every day at work. Its great for studio stuff, but its kind of overkill for an antenna in the attic. Ive heard a few cable tv installers complain about the Canare f-type connectors not making a good connection before, but its usually cheap wall plates not making a good connection on the center pin.

For anything F-type I prefer the compression connectors like the others were talking about. They are usually more water proof and are more corrosion resistant.

If all your doing is making a single 40' run I would just buy something pre-made. You might have to get a 50' roll, but that will let you play around with antenna placement in the attic. Gives you some wiggle room for the difference between guestimation and as the wire runs.

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