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Options for easy/portable speaker setup?

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Hey guys,

I just bought a Optoma DV10 and I'm trying to figure out what my best options are for speakers that will be easy to take with us and set up when we go camping or to other people's houses..

We had our first outdoor showing last night, and I used the analog audio out to feed a boombox up by the screen.. I really wish there was a way to disable the onboard speakers, but apparently not..

So I guess I'm leaning towards the optical out so I can turn the on-board vol all the way down.. I was thinking about picking a set of these up, but I'm not sure it's the best option..

Any other ideas?
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Brought the projector to a friends and watched one.. He has a Fender Passport 250 system that sounded great, but it's ~$700 - a little outta range, and not surround sound..
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I bought an RCA HTiB at CC on the "SALE - AS IS" table for $149. 600W total and the small speakers plus large sub. I use it outside all the time and it sounds great. You would be surprised at how good these small speakers can sound outside. Everything fits nicely into a plastic tub - Speakers (except sub), amp and projector. Easy one box plus screen parts and tables, etc to hold equipment.

So, try the "sale" tables at the big box stores and I've heard of some guys getting great deals at pawn shops, Goodwill, etc.

Good luck!
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If you want to use larger speakers, look for outdoor rated ones. Yamaha makes 5" and 6.5" ones, and BestBuy has some cheaper brands that sound and look as good. If it starts to rain you'll be glad you did. I'm in the process of assembling an equipment "kit", and have designed some folding (flat) speaker stands, a backboard to mount on a 2-wheel dolly that holds the stands, five yamaha speakers, has a platform to hold the sub, and a bin to hold all the cables. The projector, receiver, and DVD player have their own mobile cabinet with large wheels to roll across ground. I've got a shelf that mounts on a surveyor's tripod to hold the projector and DVD player. The tripod and shelf fold up and store on the side of the device cabinet. I can roll everything out and have it set up in about 10 minutes. I put banana plugs on the speaker wire ends that go into the receiver, and soldered the other ends that hook to the speakers. I don't roll the cables up but rather fold them in half a few times until I can put a rubber band around each. I found they don't tangle when unfolding like they do unrolling.

The equipment rack has a piece of PVC pipe on the side that I can stick an umbrella into. The top itself is arched and of roofing tin to shed rain that may fall.
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Good suggestions.. Maybe I can find a pawn-shop receiver and buy some outdoor speakers for it.. That might not be too expensive..
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Get a set of these --


We use them for our outdoor theater. More than powerful enough (we have to keep turning them down). I currently own 3 sets.

You can also add the Porta-Pack, but that doubles the price.
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Those don't look bad at all but no optical input, so I'd have to have the onboard speakers turned up also (not good)...
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One thing I've been considering is using wireless speakers for my rear surrounds. I've got a nice pair of Acoustic Research speakers I use indoors for the back two of a 7.1 system and they work great. You'll still have to wire in the sender, but the speakers themselves can be loaded with rechargable C-cells and thus won't need a cable to them at all. The charge is good for several hours of use, and when needed you plug in an adapter that will recharge them in the speaker, or power the speaker if you park it near a plug.
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I have a Optoma DV10 also and for a quick setup I use my Acoustic research wireless speakers. I plug the transmitter directly into m projector and place the speakers where I want them. The sound is good stereo quality, and setup is less than 5 minutes. Plus, you can add another set of wireless speakers to it if you wanted to and surround our guests in sound. Just another option. I also have computer speakers I use, too, with a 10 inch sub( 120watts). It gives me great sound (2.1). For gigs I use my Fender Passport 250 P.A. system. Great quality sound. All of these I can set up in 5 minutes.
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I have a pair of these got them on Ebay, great buy, plenty of power only $199. Pyle Pro 800 Watt Powered 12'' 2-Way Speaker.
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