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Do any of the newer firmwares for the 237t have better backlight control? I still think the backlight is too bright at the lowest of the three settings I have it at. Brightness only changes the pixels, not the backlight behind them.
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Does anybody have MDB1_AQ_242T_L_21B or MDB1_AQ_242T_L_22A firmware? Thanks!!!
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Originally Posted by protuberant View Post

Does anybody have MDB1_AQ_242T_L_21B or MDB1_AQ_242T_L_22A firmware? Thanks!!!

I need the same, does anyone have one of these files? I was stupid and tried to update using one of the S_21B zips that I found and now my TV is half-bricked. I can still connect to the USB port, but the TV will not come out of stand by. I have a feeling that a good firmware will restore the TV.

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My 237t has a funny bug where if you turn the sharpness/edge-enhancement down too low (like off) it turns the screen pink when you change resolutions (like on a computer going from one program to another) until you reset to factory defaults. Is there a firmware that corrects this?

Another thing that's probably not a bug, but I don't like: color gets more saturated the lower you set the contrast. Pretty bad processing, in general, on this screen.
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FYI: The links posted as text 20 pages back or so are still live for these items/firmware.

http://brent.panther.googlepages.com...rInstaller.zip USB Driver

http://brent.panther.googlepages.com...structions.pdf Instructions

http://brent.panther.googlepages.com...237T_S_21B.zip 237T firmware
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That is the S firmware, not the L firmware needed for those of us with the LG panels. I made the mistake of using that firmware and it's the reason why TV currently doesn't work.
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I also need - MDB1_AQ_242T_L_21B or MDB1_AQ_242T_L_22A . I'm attempted to contact Olevia via email requesting the file customerservice@oleviasupport.com . Anyone else able to acquire it or know of a compatible firmware version for 237T LG Screen version? I bricked my perfectly good 37" Olevia TV tonight, just trying to fix a small audio issue. >:|
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The set is about 5 years old. The blue "stand-by" light is on and when I press the power button the light goes off, but nothing happens. Pressing power button again also does nothing. I need to pull the power cord and plug it in again to get the "stand-by" light to come on again. The hard power switch next to the power cord plug also works the same as pulling the cord out of the socket.

I opened the unit up and looked at the power supply. Could not see any obviously bad caps. The big 150uF 450V cap looks good visually. Low voltage caps also look pretty good to me. No bulging or visible leaking.

I measured 5V at pin 1 on J101. Also measured 5V on Pin 1 and Pin 3 of CN1 on the main board. This is all after pressing power to take the unit out of stand-by. Some LEDs on the main board are on, but I am not sure which (hard to see the designation on the silkscreen).

Any ideas? The set is silent and dark. The LCD lamp is not on. Seems the inverters are not powered (didn't check, just appears that way).

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Sounds like the power supplly took a dump. Pick up one of ebay for $50 and keep on truckin!
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Good advice, just in the nick of time! wink.gif
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Wow, I came in here on a whim and couldn't believe there was a post from 12/13/12. I am surprised anyone is still talking about this television. Quick question - I have mine with the original firmware from 2006. Everything seems okay (knock on wood), but am I missing out on anything by not upgrading it?

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I sold mine a few years ago. Still subscribed here due to sheer laziness in not simply hitting the 'unsubscribe' button, I guess. Or nostalgia. tongue.gif

Firmware was always the mysterious or difficult to quantify subject around here, and difficult to locate the applicable firmware as there were a few different closely related versions of this model. At least that's how I remember it. The firmware didn't really add much of anything. Maybe helped with a specific issue or two. What those were, I forget, it's been so long.
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Does anyone have the firmware MDB1_AQ_242T_L_22A?
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I know this is a real longshot at this point, but I too need the MDB1_AQ_242T_L_22A firmware to try to get my 237T11 working. Are there any working links left on the internet?
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Originally Posted by Cole Huston View Post

I know this is a real longshot at this point, but I too need the MDB1_AQ_242T_L_22A firmware to try to get my 237T11 working. Are there any working links left on the internet?

Just junk it, it's not worth bothering with anymore. The company has been bankrupt since 2007. I finally dumped my 2006 Olevia 537H two months ago when it fried it's HDMI port for a LG 42LA6200

It's like replacing a Honda with a Lamborghini. There's no comparison, the LG is so superior in every way. I only paid $699 for it, and it's 3D with Smartapps to boot.
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I had the same problem zerosity did a few posts above, anyway to get the tv back working?
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I'm embarrassed to say that I have just joined the ranks of those who unwittingly "bricked" a somewhat flaky but previously usable Olevia 237V-S11.

I tried putting on newer (T12) firmware but after erasing the previous firmware, the new firmware won't write to the flash.

Would any kind soul know where to get S11 firmware? I've searched hard but haven't found any, and of course the old Olevia links are dead and the firmware does not seem to have been captured by the Wayback Machine.

I'm sort of resigned to buying a newer TV anyway but I hate the thought of this one becoming a brick. Actually worse, since recycling a TV is not nearly as easy as a brick.

Thanks in advance!
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This is not my website, all credit goes to whoever this person is.

(however, if your tv is already bricked, what can it hurt?)


http://arfore.com/files/olevia_237t_237-t11.pdf (Service manual!)

http://arfore.com/files/MDB1_AQ_237T_S_21B.zip (firmware)

My advice is to junk the tv, and buy a new one. But, if you can recover it and it's otherwise ok, why not try? I recovered my 537H several times with firmware flashes after it bricked itself due to power surges. I found another website several months ago that also has Olevia firmware, but so far I haven't found it again. I'll try to keep looking and see if I can find it once more.

Well, here are the manuals for what appears to be ALL Olevia tv's: http://www.deviceden.com/manual/olevia/

Here's a firmware for a model 542-B11. You may have to copy-paste this link into your browser to make it work: http://forums.newagekllrz.com/download/file.php?id=10&sid=f98f9db6c450b93e214f3b60c5d78458">542_B11_061218A.zip
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Thank you, Primestar31. I tried the firmware from arfore.com, and that's how I bricked my TV. I hadn't read the warnings carefully enough in this thread: there are no backup processes and one cannot revert to the firmware that they had. I even have a friend with the same model, but as far as I know there is no way to retrieve firmware and use it on another Olevia TV. (Or is there?)

I haven't tried the 542-B11 firmware, so I will give that a try tonight. I did try 437-S11 firmware (437_S11_061218A) but that wouldn't load, either.

In hindsight, it sure would have been good to grab firmware from Olevia before they went out of business.

If anyone else has links to try, please post. Thank you!
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Curious, that firmware killed my TV also, but I tried the update using a different laptop and it fixed it.

No clue why, but the first laptop killed it, and I tried to do the update 5 times after with the same laptop. Laptop number 2 fixed it on the first try.
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I'm glad a second laptop worked for you. I also tried that; I bricked the TV using Windows 7, then tried an older Windows XP laptop. Since all of the USB ports on even the older laptop were all USB 2.0, I tried using an old USB hub which likely only supported USB 1.1 to slow things down (and indeed, erasing was considerably slower). But alas, none of those tricks worked for me. Still a brick. Ouch!

Which laptops did you use, and what TV model & firmware worked for you?
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First laptop was a Dell with Windows 7, second was a Gateway with XP. I used the firmware listed above. I had to download the Prolific PL -2303 USBV-to-Serial program.
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Thanks. Do you know the precise model of your TV? Mine is a 237V-S11. If yours is the same, I have new hope. If you have -T11 or -T12, or some other model line, I'm not so hopeful.
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Same one
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I have MDB1_AQ_237T_S_21B firmware available. Send me private mail with a valid email address that accepts zip files. Do not send me a gmail address. It will not work.
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Thanks, Bernie. PM sent. I've still had no luck, using the copy of MDB1_AQ_237T_S_21B firmware that I downloaded from http://arfore.com/files/MDB1_AQ_237T_S_21B.zip.
Two days ago, I was getting the error "Write Flash Error" after the installer erased the flash. Now the installer just hangs after:

LOG: Erasing[15S]...

I tried using a USB hub to slow down the connection, but it won't connect at all through that way. That's strange, because it did connect 2 days ago, but with the same "Write Flash Error" that I was getting every time.

I also tried lowering the baud rate on the COM port from 9600 to 4800. No change.

The 437_S11 and 542_B11 firmware also would not load. Both of these use the older installer with Step 1 and Step 2. I never make it past Step 1 without fatal errors. Sigh.

This sure is a stubborn brick! But I still have some hope given that others have awoken their sleeping giants.

Any other ideas to try? I see that there are a couple other similar threads, but I don't know what else to try.

(More tired than curious dude at this point)
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Success! After grabbing yet another old PC (a Dell Dimension 2400) running Windows XP, I tried multiple variations and nothing worked with the firmware from http://arfore.com/files/MDB1_AQ_237T_S_21B.zip. Perhaps it was because all of my USB ports were 2.0.

After reducing the speed from 9600 to 2400 on the COM port (and rebooting, which is key), the older firmware installer for 437-S11 firmware "437_S11_061218A" from http://www.justanswer.com/tv-repair/71kx9-need-help-locating-update-olevia-437-s11-television.html worked! This installer has a 2-step process, but I stopped after Step 1 and the TV seems to work fine so far.

Again, think twice before updating firmware on an Olevia TV. Your brick may not come back to life. I'm amazed that mine did, but it took many hours of trial and error.
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Well, it's been a little over a year since my Olevia 237-T11 crapped the bed and needed a new main board. I found my previous post in this thread dated April '12. That's when I fixed it last. The symptom then was the blue power light would go out as it should when the power button is pressed, but no image or sound or anything. Then it would need unplugging to get back to standby. New main board fixed the problem then. Fast forward to now (about four days ago, actually). Out of the blue (or due to solar flares) the TV stopped responding to the power button or power signal from the remote. The blue light just stays on. Power supply looks okay, but it may have a bad cap, I don't know. Any idea on how to test it? I poked around with a voltmeter and found no voltage on the many connectors going from it to the main board and lamps. I also read that it could be bricked from a power surge (I use a good APC surge protector, but...). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I also hear people saying "junk it", but I am not into junking electronics, especially TVs. I am from a generation where a CRT based TV would last 20-30 years and even then be serviceable and put on the side of the road with "I work!" sign. So a 6 year old TV being junked because it really is junk really p...s me off. So I am not going to give up without a fight.

Please help!
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I tried re-flashing the TV yesterday, but it did not work. The flash program on the PC gets stuck at about 14-15 seconds into erasing process. I also got a few occasions where it seemed to get through the erasing process and then popped up an error dialog stating it failed to write. Any ideas? I used an older XP desktop and installed the driver and everything seemed to be happy and recognized. Did I brick the TV?
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I finally brought the TV back to life! I flashed it with the older, two-step firmware loader found here. I only went as far as step one and before step two the instructions require you to unplug the TV for 10 seconds and then plug it in and turn it on. Well when I unplugged it and re-plugged it and tried turning it on... IT WORKED! In fact, everything seems to be as it should at this point, so I stopped before executing step two.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time trying to flash it with the single step loader and as my previous post states it was fruitless. The two step loader comes with two binary files and step one used one of them (it went by too fast for me to tell which one it was). Whatever the magic was, it worked and that is a good thing.

TV: Olevia 237-T11

The symptom was the following: Blue standby light was on as long as the TV was plugged in and the hardware switch in the back was on. However, TV was not turning on. Blue light would not go out. Remote or actual power buttons did nothing. After reflashing as described above everything went back to normal, it seems. I did quick tests of various inputs and they worked fine. The problem appeared out of the blue a few days ago. Just would not go on one day.

Hope it helps someone in the future.
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