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Lutron Grafik Eye integration with HAI

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Has anyone integrated a Grafik Eye system with an HAI Omni Pro II. I know this can be done, but the serial commands are somewhat confusing. HAI does have built-in support for the Radio Ra, but I think the RS232 commands are different???
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It's been a while since I looked at the protocols, but I'm pretty sure the GrafikEye strings are different. However, it shouldn't be a problem to generate them using HAI "messages".

Which commands are confusing? If you can tell me what functions you want, I can tell you the strings to send...
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If you have found the GrafiK Eye strial protocol difficult you must not have much experience with serial protocols or serial commands. It is a very simple and easy protocol to use, but yes, Homeworks, Radio Ra, Grafik Eye have different serial protocols and strings for one can not be used for the other. However, post and example, ask questions and you may find that many here, myself included, would be more than happy to help.

I am no expert but I have some experience with RS-232 control and I have sent serial commands to a Grafik Eye at least once in my life. However, my arrogance knows no limits and on a DIY board I prefer to help someone do something themselves to just giving them the answer. Why don't you post an example or explain where in the protocol you are confused. Interpreting serial protocols is a skill and this may not be the last serial device and protocol you need to translate. Or I could just write that ":A1\
" will send a preset 1 recall command; :A16\
will recall preset 16. ": D1\\x0D" is dim and ":B10Dh" is brighten No space is needed but HTML added an icon when I wrote so I edited it to the readable :\\x20D

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You are correct, I am not very experienced with RS-232 (yet) and arrogance is more than acceptable. Basically, There are 8 Grafik Eye units installed addressed A1-A8 and all I want to do is mimic the button presses on the room switches.

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I can do this for you, as could any number of people here. Or you could look at my example and construct your own strings. In place of the unit addressed A1 you would use A2, A3, A4,A5,A6,A7,A8.

So unit 7 button 4

Please note this is an ASCII protocol and hence it is case sensitive. you don't want to write :a74\
The string would not work.

As a DIY site the purpose is supposed to be to help you learn to do your own work. This is a very simple protocol and the protocol is in the public domain on Lutron's site with a very clearly laid out document, complete with examples.

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