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New THX Pre/pro from NAD  

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There's a new pre/pro coming up from NAD (either S150 or S170, don't know) which will have nice features for the money. These are some of the features (there's no confirmation yet) that I know of:

- Dolby Digital, DTS & THX Surround EX decoding
- THX Ultra certified
- 24 bit/96kHz compatible
- Ext. 5.1 input for connection of outboard processors
- 3 x 12V triggers for remote on/off switching
- RS 232 port for elaborate custom installs
- 10 inputs: 6 video (3 are full in/out), 4 audio (1 is Tape Monitor In/Out loop)
- 6 digital inputs: 1 BNC, 3 coaxial, 2 optical; freely assignable to any input
- 2 digital outputs: 1 coaxial, 1 optical

Does anyone knows anything else about this? I believe pricing will be somewhere between TAG's AV32R and Rotel RSP-985.

Any comments?

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To be perfectly honest, those features are the bare minimum I'd expect from a prepro these days. It would need DPL2, DTS discrete, 7 channels modes and very flexible bass management to start to sound really exciting.

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Nobody has DPL-2 yet on a shipping product, so that's a bit of a long wait
for products you consider acceptable.

Personally, I think analog bypass on any input, not just a 5.1 pass through
is also a requirement.

With two multi-channel standards out there, DVD-A and SACD, I'm starting
to think that multiple 5.1 bypass inputs is a good idea as well.

Just what we need, even more inputs on the back of our gear ;-)


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