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Looking for minimalist integrated amp.

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I have a nice marantz/KEF system in my home downstairs. problem is i like in a condo with shared walls so i can only use it for a very small portion of the day. The other day, I bought a pair of Usher S520 speakers for my bedroom and I have been using my Marantz since then upstairs. But it will need to be replaced so that I can use both systems. My friend has a Rega Brio and I think something like that would be perfect for my bedroom, but 500 bucks is a little much. Anything small, integrated and without a lot of unnecessary crap(balanced inputs, multiple speaker terminals, etc) would be perfect. I would prefer to spend between like 200-400 bucks. any ideas?
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try the modded trends t-amp if you dont need to play loud in bedroom

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The Music Hall and Creek int. are nice.
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A Panasonic XR-55/57 may be good for you even though it's an AVR.

Presently I'm running one (XR-55) with my Selah Audio custom 3-way monitors and it sounds fine to me. It's certainly within your price range.
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Pioneer Elite has an integrated amp for $200.

Sonic Impact Super T amp (needs efficient speakers).
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Cambridge Audio Azur 540A, or perhaps a NAD 325BEE!
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I picked up a nice Kenwood KA-3500 intergrated amp at a yard sale $10. Total package was the amp, a turner and a pair of Sansui SP-2000 speakers for $50
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Hell of a deal there lastplace!
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There are tons of vintage audio deals all around. Check out garage sales, craigslist.org & thrift stores.

I picked up a nice Yahama CR-300, 30 amp receiver from gooodwill for $12.50, bought a can of Deoxit D5 to clean the controls. Works great.

Here's a great example. CraigsList Chesapeake, VA. These amps are suppose to sound great, $40.

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update. i bought a music hall mambo.
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what did you pay?
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i paid 525 for a lightly used one. it retails for 1300 so i am feeling pretty damn good.
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Originally Posted by lastplace View Post



it asked me for a password. whats the deal?
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pittm, you should be very happy with that unit, plus you got it at a stellar price.
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what im really wondering is if its internal dac will make my headroom microdac unnecessary and allow me to sell it and make this an even better deal.
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