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For whoever used a video calibration DVD or software, what are your final settings for colors etc. on the TV? I'm playing around with mine, but can't quite get it to where I want it.
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I have owned this tv for almost a month and I am noticing the picture going from normal brightness to dark when the picture changes views. It happens on all inputs.
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Isn't that because of the advanced iris or black corrector?
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I just swapped out tv's to see if a new one solves this issue.
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Originally Posted by kevin44 View Post

I just swapped out tv's to see if a new one solves this issue.

Hey Kevin, that's because of the advanced iris setting in your Picture Settings menu. I thought it was pretty annoying as well. Just go to options, picture, and change it from Auto to High, Medium, or Low. I did the same thing and was immediately relieved that I wasn't going to have to deal with that annoying "feature" for the rest of my tv watching days
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Originally Posted by BenDevil View Post

Is it only me?... I want to see pics of the telly set-up on your living-room, showing some screens from Xbox 360, DVD, TV, etc... (so we can see the faults too, or at least watch how good do they look live).

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I just got this TV and it has a really annoying buzzing sound coming from the back of it. I checked behind the TV and it sounds like it is coming from something that sits next to the Fan. You can hear that sound on every input and even if I have nothing hooked up to the tv, I had called the sony tech and all he said was to unplug it for a minute. Does anybody know what it could be?
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Mine had a hum when I first got it, but it went away after time.
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Originally Posted by bender73 View Post


Those pics look good... I'm seriously leaning towards this TV, as the prices have been dropping lately. Can get it many places for under $1,500.

How do you like it so far? Any pros, cons, quirks to consider? Do you use it for football, baseball, etc? Any motion blur? Warping?

20 questions is over now... hehe
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Ladies and Gents,

I got this TV last night (50E3000). Picture looks great but I'd like to know what the optimum settings are. Has anyone calibrated?

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I was wondering if this set does 1:1 pixel mapping, or otherwise if there is any sort of digital scaling built-in? Thanks in advance.
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Settings anyone?
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Picture Mode- Cinema

Advanced Iris- Low

Picture- 65

Brightness- 49

Color- 51

Hue- G1

Sharpness- 20

Color Temp- Warm 1

Noise Reduction- Off

Everything else OFF..... And these are my settings I calibrated w/ DVE for viewing films and such in a darkened room(looks fantastic).....
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Thought this might be helpful if anybody else has run into the same issue. I was having a problem with horizontal lines slanting down about 1/4" from left to right. I had a tech come out today to take a look at it since its under warranty. I told him about what cecilnyr had posted when he had the same issue, about how it was an issue with a spacer on the mirror. The tech kept telling me theres no way thats the issue, blah blah blah. He took the TV almost completely apart, couldnt find anything wrong, and eventually decided it need a new optical block, basically the entire lens assembly. I told him to forget it, I would just exchange the TV since its still within my 30 days since purchase. After he left, I opened up the round door on the right side of the TV and messed around with the spacer. I'm happy to report that it cost me one small piece of styrofoam to fix the issue. I stuck a piece in there between the mirror and the spacer and voila, problem solved. Thanks for nothing repair guy.

In short, too late I know, if you have this same issue its an easy DIY fix.
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I just purchased the set (50E3000) 3 days ago from BB. I am very happy with it, especially for the price. Like a few previous posters have said I did have a high pitched whirring sound come from the back (fan?) when I first started using it but it seems to lessen each day and has almost completetly gone away. SD TV looks better than on other more expensive sets I have seen and both DVD's and my Wii look great.

For DVD's I tried using the settings jd79 posted and component cables and they looked great.

For the Wii I use the Nintendo brand component cables and turn "game mode" on and it looks great for 480p, especially Metroid Prime 3 (remember to set your wii for widescreen and 480p as well).

Comcast is coming Friday with my HD box so I am excited to see this TV at its best. Anyone else have any other calibration settings for either SD or HD TV?
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Just exchanged my 47" Westy for this set last night (what a pain!!), mine has the same high pitched buzzing sound that will hopefully go away like others. The Indians looked great last night though!
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Originally Posted by CyberCT View Post

Blacksmith, do you have the 46" size of this TV like me? Could you download my file above, pop it into a memory stick and plug it into your 360? Although it's not 1280x720 after the resize this site did to attach it, I think the 360 gives an option to make it fill the screen. Or if you have software to resize the image back to 1280x720, that would be ideal.

I'd think all these models would have the same overscan problem, not just random units of this model.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess maybe the 46" model has this overscan issue. I saw the 50" at BB and it looked awesome, noticeably sharper then anything samsung had, the colors weren't over the top but just right in my eyes. Samsung sets have alot of color but they also blot out details because their colors are too dark and vivid.
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I recently purchased a Samsung HLT5075s (50 inch DLP 720p) and the input lag (for everything) is way too much. I like the picture, but not being able to play sports games, Halo 3, or the Wii is makes the TV undesirable. I'm thinking of returning it and "upgrading" to one of these TVs. Does anyone have any experience with lag on the 50 inch set? Small lag counts, as it completely messes with fast action games. 1080p would be nice, as well, although the Samsung's picture is really fantastic.
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With the "game mode" on the 50E3000, I have not noticed any lag with the wii (zelda and metroid prime 3 are the only games I have played on it so far). I have it hooked up with the nintendo brand comp cables. My brother in law has a xbox360 and I will update when he brings it over so I can test it out.
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Originally Posted by sethhol View Post

With the "game mode" on the 50E3000, I have not noticed any lag with the wii (zelda and metroid prime 3 are the only games I have played on it so far). I have it hooked up with the nintendo brand comp cables. My brother in law has a xbox360 and I will update when he brings it over so I can test it out.

Thanks for the response. So the Wii cursor does not feel sluggish? It does on mine. That's good to hear. Let me know about the 360. If you have sports games with meters (free throws, pitching, golf swings), that's the best way to tell.
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I'm currently torn between the 50" Sony E3000 and a Samsung HL-T5076S. I have seen both in store the first time the Sony looked noticeably better and sharper, but yesterday when I saw both they looked kinda close each had it's up and downs. Sammy had better colors but the Sony was sharper with slightly less vivid colors. The main issue now comes down to reliability. I currently own a Sony KDFE42A10 and it developed issues with blue blobs on the screen. I like it's pq more than 90% of the time, HD is great and looks like the E3000 has improved on certain parts of pq.Now, what are the chances that Sony has ironed out issue with blobs appearing on screen from the A10 to E2000 and now E3000? Also for those who have or had the Sammy in question how is it's reliability? I also know that the Sony is currently about $200 less which is good thig going for it. I'm probably gonna be picking a either set tuesday after next so input ASAP would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey Guys, I just started another thread but then I see this one. I just bought the 46inch model and got it set up, I have a few Q's regarding somethings so heres the link. Dang, I can't post a link they think I'm a spammer, so I have to put the thread number


Also, if this unit was recalled, is there anyway I got an old one if I purchased this Tuesday?
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jd, is that for the 46 or the 50 or does it even matter? does anyone have any settings for gaming?
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That is for the 50, but try them on the 46 and see what you get. You never know.... Those calibrations I came up with were not for gaming, though. Hope that helps.
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I just picked up the 50" model. So far no major geometry issues. There is a tiny bit when I'm looking at my cable menu but it's very little. PQ is solid on SD, blacks are pretty deep, better than my last Sony tv. HD is sweet as can be expected The size is perfect if you are just about at 8 feet. I haven't done much calibration yet but out of the box the set is pretty good IMO.

Here's a pic of SD

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during some programs motion blur seems to be a bit excessive, isn't that 24p feature supposed to help with motion? Does it only apply to sources using HDMI?
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Ok I've heard 360 can display 1080p over the componet cables is this true because I have tried to get it with my set and it's a no go. I really don't want to have to buy another 360 that has HDMI cuz mine doesn't. VGA would do the trick right?
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Only 1080p/24 only works over HDMI
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Originally Posted by LV246hicks View Post


Only 1080p/24 only works over HDMI

The sticker on the front of the set says it should have 2 1080p component inputs but it doesn't. I heard this tv was released early and then recalled perhaps they changed that spec but still kept the sticker saying it has it. False advertising class action law suit lol
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The only sticker mine came with on the front says full 1080p, I also dont think it has ever been possible for 1080p over component inputs. My tv is a 46inch though. If the 360 can output 1080p over component than Im not sure how you would go about getting 1080p/24 because on my PS3 its a setting only affecting Blu-Ray movies. I have my 360 Elite hooked up via HDMI with 1080p and I do not think it is possible for the 360 to display 1080p/24.
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