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Velodyne ULD-18?

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Does anyone have one of these or have heard one?

I can purchase one for $800.00 and was wondering if this was a good/ok deal.

I have never heard one and cannot find any info on here about them.
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They work pretty well, considering that the driver is nothing special and the cabinet is incredibly cheaply made.

For $800 I'd pass. For $600 that would be harder to do.
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Thanks, Maybe i can get him to come down to $600!!
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and it's great for HT and acoustic jazz. It's really a 'coffee table' in size and that is its greatest downside.

The new, smaller Velodynes are likely just as good, or better, for HT, but I'd put the ULD-18 up against them all for acoustic jazz. That's really its historical niche in my opinion.

That being said, the newer ones with options for easier balancing with your other speakers in a 5.1, 7.1, etc are a real benefit.

But, mine's still running great after all these years!

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I have a Velodyne ULD-18 (have had it for many years) and the servo device in the cone quit, so now I have a 400W incredibly cool power oscillator. You can't be in the room with it on, it's so loud.

It broke my heart to lose this gem of a speaker because I have never, ever found a sub that sounded better in my theater. Velodyne says they don't have the parts anymore to fix this unit, and I don't have the $$ to get the DD-18 replacement model.

Does anybody know if I have a repair alternative?

Maybe I could find somebody who has a good speaker but a dead amplifier, because for me it's the other way around.
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My ULD-12 Velodyne sub has been going great since 1994. It's a fine sub, but I use it
for music only. I wish I could of afforded an ULD-18 back in those days, but the ULD-12
at $1000.00 was it. I think the ULD series is great for music, but lacks for home theater.
It just doesn't have the slam or fast responce time of present day subs like SVS, HSU...
eD, etc and so on....maybe because it is sealed, don't know.

But I've never had a ULD-18 so I could be wrong. My reference point is the ULD-12,
which I use in a seperate/stereo music room only, along with a pair of Mirage M5si's.
The cabinet construction on the ULD-12 is very nice IMO, and is probably as good or
better on the ULD-18.

It's an older sub and I probably wouldn't pay over $600 for it.

I have a HSU-VTF 3 MK3/w turbo in my main home theater and it cost me $799. I didn't
have to pay for shipping ($100) or sales tax. I picked it up at their headquarters
because I live relatively close by, and paid cash. It's a great sub for music and movies,
will fill a room up with deep base (down to18 hz) and has a very large output due to the twin
ports and the turbo. Good for rooms up to 6,000 cu ft.....link:


Regardless, the ULD-18 is a classic, great sub....but because of it's age, I would be a little
leary about purchasing one.

But regardless, whatever you deside, best of luck...vardo
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I have a Velodyne ULD 18 and the amp just stopped working. It is a series 1 amp with the DIN connecting cable. I am interested in buying your amp, if it is for sale. Please call 520 907 9505 of email, balf@balfourwalker.com. Thanks, Balf
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I have the ULD 18 speaker and my amplifier has just quit! Do you want to sell your amp? I might consider selling you the speaker... Balf 520 907 9505
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