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Sony's quirky Kung Fu Live for the PSEye is getting some interesting multiplayer support. The camera puts you into the game, but tfour other players can pick up the controls for the A.I. enemies to beat you down. Here's the latest video on the action with additional gameplay details to read.
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Tarsier Studios, a Euro developer that's recently helped make LittleBigPlanet 2 content, has signed up with Sony for an unnamed title exclusive to the PS3:


Tarsier Studios has signed an exclusive first party deal with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Together with SCEE, Tarsier Studios will bring their high quality visuals and entertainment talent to the ever growing SCEE game portfolio in the form of a yet to be announced project.

By joining the SCEE family of first party exclusive developers, Tarsier Studios takes the next, natural step towards becoming one of Scandinavia's top developers. A new office will be established in Malmö this fall, and the company is expected to grow to around 40 people within a year.

Since the unveiling of 'The City of Metronome' at E3 2005, Tarsier Studios has gone on to work on projects with several leading studios and publishers in the gaming industry, quickly becoming an established and well respected developer and provider of high quality products and services. With the release of 'Rag Doll Kung Fu™ : Fists of Plastic', Tarsier showed its talent for creating highly entertaining and visually stunning games. Since then Tarsier has continued their relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe by helping out with the famed LittleBigPlanet™ franchise and other projects, indicating an exciting future for the Swedish game developer.
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Studio Liverpool, a Sony developer of WipEout that goes all the way back to the PSOne days of Colony Wars, is working on a 1st/3rd person action game it seems:

Eagle eyed TSAin ‘beeje13′ has spotted a job advertisment for Wipeout developers, Studio Liverpool. The team have been rather quiet since the release of Wipeout Fury (sadly because a lot of them were made redundant) but it looks like the team are starting work on a new title. The job posting is for Senior Games Designer and interesting section of the advert is as follow:

‘Encyclopaedic knowledge of games, especially 3rd / 1st person action’

Obviously Wipeout is neither 1st or 3rd person action adventure so could this be a new title, or perhaps something from the back catalogue? I vote for a re-imagining of Shadow Of The Beast…
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Killzone 3 developer Guerrilla Games is working on a new unrelated title according to an interview with one of the company's directors.
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The next exclusive title from Insomniac looks as if it will be revealed on September 4th at the PAX convention. A demo will be shown to G4TV.
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Rumor: Valkyria Chronicles 3 (#2 came out on the PSP) may be in development.
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Sony has a site for a project called Room 299. Nothing else is known about it right now.
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A racing title called Superstars Of V8 is coming exclusively to the PSN for $20:

O-Games has been on a publishing spree lately, with six games coming out for the Wii, DS and PC and now with a new title on the way for PSN users. The visually impressive racing game, Superstars of V8 is getting a slight makeover as it makes its way to the PlayStation Network

Greg Lanz, general manager of O-Games, commented in the press release, saying…

“Our original plan was to release this game at retail, but after considering all the options, we decided to release it exclusively through PlayStation Network. Superstars V8 Racing delivers a first-class multiplayer race experience with world-renowned cars that will thrive with this audience. In addition, O-Games can sell Superstars V8 Racing for a lower price since we do not have to pay the costs to manufacture, package, and ship the product to retail. The bottom line? Gamers can now own a $40 game for half the price they would pay in-store.”

Sounds like a steal, if you ask me. In fact, the game is going to be made available at the budget-price point of $19.95. So yeah, that’s half-price of what PS3 gamers would have otherwise paid had this gorgeous racer hit your local retailer.

The game even sports light modification features, so racing fans can take some of their favorite brand of cars such as Jaguar, BMW, Cadillac and more, and fine-tune them to racing perfection.

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A few rumors/JP announcements:

- Rumor: Valkyria 3 will be announced on 9/16/10.

- Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories is coming to Japan with 3D and Move support. No word of a U.S. release.

-At the start of the game, you can set gender, face style, and hair style. As you work through the game, you'll earn over 100 clothing items, including suits and casual outfits.

-Famitsu's information box lists 3D, Move and 5.1 support for the game.

-Fully titled Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4: Summer Memories.

-The game will feature over 60 characters, the largest in series history.

-You'll find new items, including crutches for when your legs are injured.

-Use the toilet!. This is a new facility for Disaster Report 4. You can use the toilet to increase your cleanliness parameter

- Tokyo Jungle from Sony Japan sounds REALLY interesting:
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There is one title coming exclusively to PSN from Japan also. It's called Malicious.
http://www.destructoid.com/check-out...s-182899.phtml I don't know what's there, it's blocked at work but it was in my feed.
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We got a look at it in pictures a few months back so I prematurely added it to the PSN list. I figure there's no way it's not coming to the U.S. The new video is looking good!
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Sorry, I looked through the list to make sure and must've missed it anyway.
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Yakuza 4 has been confirmed for the Spring of 2011 in the U.S./U.K.:

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Another possibly exclusive title with Move support is being developed for the PSN, and HD remake of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath:


Gravity Crash developer Just Add Water announced this morning that they are working on an HD remake of the 2005 Xbox first-person shooter Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath.

Earlier this year Just Add Water and Oddworld Inhabitants, the original game's developer, revealed plans to revive the Oddworld series. The 720-p remake of Stranger's Wrath will be the first game in the collaboration. In addition to the higher resolution there will be remastered dialog, better character models, new bonus content and Playstation Move support.

Stranger's Wrath was the final title in the original line of the Oddworld series. The first-person/third-person shooter hybrid was known for its western aesthetic, memorable lead character and the use of living creatures as ammunition. The game was very well received by critics, garnering an 87% average on Gamerankings.com.

The original title has become slightly hard to find, but a few used copies can be found in the Philadelphia area. The PSN remake is set to be released sometime in Spring 2011.
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I'm ecstatic about this news. I love the first two games and always wanted to play Stranger's Wrath but never got original Xbox to play it and Microfail didn't want to make this game compatible with 360. Now I will have upgraded version on PSN. Suck it MS!
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BTW, here is a direct link to the video for Malicious. The game is all about crazy boss fights and nothing else.

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The next title coming from Creat Studios is a horizontal shoot'em up called Skyfighter.
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Swords & Soldiers is going 3D.
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Starting in a week or so, Sony will start releasing classic Japanese PSOne titles for sale on North American PSN servers, some which never came over here.
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Dynasty Warriors 7 is officially a PS3 exclusive:

Just about two weeks after the announcement of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, Koei Tecmo brandishes another game out of their signature franchise - the Warriors of the Three Kingdoms are going at war with each other again in Dynasty Warriors 7. Same old one-man armying gameplay? That remains to be seen. What makes this announcement a little more intriguing is that Koei Tecmo is making the game only for the PS3.
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Just a head's up... the PSN store will update tonight (Monday 9/20) instead of its normal Tuesday release day because of maintenance all day tomorrow.
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Fans of old-school, side-scrolling shoot'em ups will want to take a look at this sweet looking video of a new game called Sky Fighter. It'll be out this year, and has an 8-player battle mode.

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Sideway is a new exclusive PSN game just announced on the official blog. Not much is known yet (looks like a humorous adventure game maybe), but the link has some screen shots.
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Back to the Future, an adventure game from the makers of Sam and Max, is coming out for the PS3 as the exclusive console release. Not much else is known about the game.
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Konami's quirky action game No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is coming to the PS3 exclusively next year with full Move support:


KONAMI Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced today that No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is coming to PlayStation 3 and will be compatible with Sony's new PlayStation Move controls. Developed by AQ Interactive Inc., No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise will be available exclusively for PlayStation 3 in North America as Travis Touchdown returns to become the world's number one assassin.

In No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise, players journey through the sunny city of Santa Destroy as Travis Touchdown, battling to eliminate some of the world's deadliest assassins. Equipped with a razor sharp Beam Katana sword, players start off as the 11th ranked assassin and try to move up the ranks to position themselves as the ultimate killer. During the course of the game, players encounter Sylvia, a mysterious woman from the United Assassins Association, who arranges fights with other higher ranked assassins to help Travis become the number one in the world. Players will either ride through the town on Travis' trusty motor bike or travel on foot to arrive at Travis' next assignment.

Using either a DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller or the PlayStation Move motion controller players have access to a wide range of physical assaults and katana attacks, with each bout tracked by a dynamic camera that showcases the game's stunning visuals and cinematic fight sequences. By varying the grip and control of the Beam Katana and the timing of their attacks, players have a wide range of moves at their disposal to help Travis battle and defeat his enemies. Defeated foes can also be dispatched with stunning finishing moves, allowing Travis to cement his rising reputation with a series of breathtaking kills.

Travis' progression is enhanced via a series of sub-missions as well as the ability to hone his skills and upgrade his weapon within the lab. Santa Destroy is a living, breathing place, and the anti-hero can enter shops, visit a gym to train, and collect special icons that will enhance his attack options. As players progress through the game, they will have the opportunity to complete deadly missions and side jobs as they make their way up the ladder of the United Assassins Association.

Aside from the side missions, players will also be able to enjoy newly added game modes like Rebout Mode where former foes can be challenged again. Also, players will have the opportunity to encounter additional boss characters that were not available in the original episode but will be on the PlayStation®3 version of the game. Additionally, Viewer Mode is also available allowing players to re-watch infamous cut scenes in crystal clear HD graphics. With its stunning visuals, additional levels of action, improved AI and an incredible level of control, No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise represents a welcome return for one of gaming's most daring creators.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is slated to release in 2011 exclusively for the PlayStation 3. For assets and information on the game, please visit: www.konami.com.
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Sly collection slated for Nov. 9
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Thanks for the update.


Obscure Japanese imports are slowly starting to make their way over to Amerca. Coming from NIS is a title called Hyperdimension Neptunia.
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The next distinctly Japanese shoot-em up game coming exclusively to the PSN is Crescent Pale Mist. It'll be out the 2nd week of November '10.

This is a side-scrolling adventure game in which players help a young witch named Yonou traverse another dimension to uncover the source of a magical mist. Players run and jump between the background and foreground of each level while using sword and laser attacks to slash at fantastical monsters (e.g., dragons, zombies, bat-like creatures, “living armor” suits). Some battles are fast-paced and frenetic; defeated enemies generally disappear in explosive bursts of colorful light.
Video link.
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GameLoft is bringing Modern Combat to the PSN in 2011:
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Sly 4 is in development. A teaser video is shown in the HD collection after being unlocked.

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