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Should seperates be from the same make?

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I was wondering what sonically happens when you combine a preamp and power amp from 2 different manufactures? For instance, I have a Rotel preamp, and naturally was going to buy the matching power amp, but found a good deal on a NAD power amp. Which will be the predominant component-in other words...will my system have the NAD sound or sound like the Rotel? I always thought that the Power amp section is what gives the sonic character, and the preamp is just really a source selector, and volumn control. Would it just be better to match the pre/Pwr amps from the same company?
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it was done for years in the 60's and 70's what ever fit your needs and budget for a pre amp
and generally two mono blocks of considerable quality.
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Is there any chance you can audition both and decide for yourself?
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No. That is why I was asking here, to be informed before I make a purchase.
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I think it should be okay to mix and match but be aware of the 2-prong vs 3-prong plugs. They have very different signal grounds that can potentially cause hum and noise and cancel out the advantage of balanced connections.
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Its more than okay to mix and match brands. I do it. Both the preamp and amp will impact and affect sonic characteristics.
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use what you like...
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The Rotel and NAD are VERY comparable. I've listened to both and can hear very little if any difference
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Mixing and matching is one of the best reasons to go separates. You can choose what you think is best/right for the job.
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part of the idea of going with separates is that it gives you the ability to mix and match. Perhaps you need a lot of power, but like tube sound, you could mix a tube preamp with a solid-state power amp.
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