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Sorry to bring up this old thread, but I figured anyone that bought one and is still subscribed (like me) might be interested:

Last week my HL-T6756W (the one from Costco) developed a "dead pixel" that was solid white. A week later, now I have 3, two white and one black. Doing a bit of research I found that it's a fairly common issue and will likely get worse.

I also read that there is a recall for this issue on certain Samsung models. The only recall I could find was regarding a class action settlement, but it said the issue covered was "a shadow along the edge of the display".


My model is listed though, so I guess there is a chance it's covered. I just sent an inquiry about this to Samsung via their Customer Support Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/samsungsupport

If there is anyone else that has encountered this, please let me know if you found out any options for getting it fixed without spending so much money that it'd be smarter to replace it.

Otherwise this has been a fantastic TV. I'm still on my first bulb, and I've only had to bump the brightness up once. Picture quality is as outstanding as the day I got it (except for the 3 dead pixels staring me in the face).

Also, as a public service announcement, if you do have the "shadow" problem above, it looks like you're good to go with a free repair.
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The dead pixel problem is with the Texas Instruments DLP chip. They're starting to go bad on some DLP sets irregardless of model brand. My 4 1/2 year old 65" Mitsubishi TV developed a constant black pixel in December. Thereafter, it developed a new dead, black or white, pixel about once a week. Mitsubishi is assisting owners in repair costs for those sets out of warranty with failing DLP chip mirrors. I would hope Samsung Support is offering a similar compensation program.
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I, too, have been very content with this Samsung DLP TV purchased from Costco. Everyone who sees it raves about the picture. I likewise have not had to change the bulb yet and I have not noticed any reduction in brightness, but it's probably so gradual that it may be hard to notice. Please let us know what response you get in your inquiry to Samsung. Fortunately, I have not had any problems yet but if this is what can be expected over time, I would like to be ready.
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Ditto! I now have about 15 black, grey, or white pixels. The worst is a cluster of 4 pixels right in the black pillar area. Really annoying.
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Hi.. I have another issue with this HL-T6756W from Costco.

Its been a wonderful TV.. gets a lot of use. I have noticed some dimming... but no shadow or dead pixels.

My recent problem is that the HDMI may not be functioning "properly". That is, my TivoHD, probably because of a recent update to that DVR device, has began looking for some signal from the TV over the HDMI cable. This is copy protection BS stuff... they want to insure I am not using some other device between the TivoHD and the TV.. and I am not. But this problem is suddenly persistent. A temporary work-around was to use RGB component to the TV instead of HDMI.. but is not ideal.

So I went to Samsung and begged for a firmware update, but their 1st level tech guy would only point me to the normal support web site which suggests that an old TV like this.. one that comes with a menu option for updating the firmware, doesn't have a firmware update available. Preposterous.

So, has anyone out there gotten a new firmware from Samsung?
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Mega - any luck in getting a free repair for the light processor?
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I apologize for dropping the ball on letting you guys know how it went... but here is the reply I got from Samsung:
Hello XXXX,

After thorough research, it was determined that only specific models exhibited a slightly higher-than-normal failure rate. Although your TV has similar symptoms, research indicates that this is due to normal wear and tear.
Our engineers have determined which models have the particular parts that tend to fail at a slightly higher-than-normal rate. These are the only ones that are being covered outside of the warranty term.

You can obtain quotes for repair costs by contacting your local Authorized Service Center. Here is a link to find ones near you: We welcome you to compare quotes from other ASCs that may be near you. Here’s a link to do so: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/service/location

If you have any questions and/or you are ready to set up service for your TV, I am happy to answer/set up service for you.

And if you don't mind, please take a minute to let us know how we're doing by completing this survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SamsungElectronicsSupport

Thank you,
Samsung Electronics Social Media Support Team

I then contacted a local repair center and got this:
Hello Mr. XXXXX,

The cost to repair your tv is $250 for the chip and $84.50 labor if you bring the tv in for repair, if you want the repair in-home the cost will be $150 for service call, that includes labor. We do require a deposit for the dlp chip before we order part.
Thank you,

So... I ended up selling it as-is on craigslist for $200 and I bought a refurbished Mitsubishi 73" DLP (WD-73740) for $999 shipped. So, not too bad to only be out $800 and end up with a bigger screen and 3D support.

I do think my Sammy had a slightly better picture than my Mitz, but I am happy with it. But if you're still a DLP fan like me, Mitz is the only choice now.

P.S. I wanted to add that by the time I sold it there were over 20 dead pixels, so once that problem starts, it degrades pretty fast.
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I now have the same "white pixels" problem. If Samsung won't cover the repair, you can buy the DLP DMD chip online from Amazon for $165 which includes shipping. From what I can gather, it you're tech savvy, you can do the replacement yourself. There are You Tube videos that show how to do it. Here's the link to the replacement chip on Amazon.

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