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Anyone get the Zalman HD160XT Touchscreen to work in VISTA?

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I've got this case (Rev 1, not 2), but I can not get the driver to work for the touchscreen. I can get the display to work, just not the touch sensitivity. If anyone has had any luck getting the touchscreen to work in VISTA, I'd love to know how.

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I managed to get the zini-player to show the proper readouts for fans/processor and network, but haven't been able to get the touchscreen to work either under Vista Ultimate x64. Works like a charm under XP Pro x86 tho, but i need to run a x64 OS.

Emailed Zalman a couple of times, but no response at all.... would expect a little bit more support when buying a 550,= case from them... thinking of returning it if it won't work.

Anyone found a way to make it work?

Greetz - Ruud
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Any progress on this?
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I've been on vacation and thus haven't made any progress. I went back to XP before I left, just so to watch a couple movies. I haven't really tried anything on the touchscreen except the calibration - I can calibrate from XP, but the calibration software hangs in VISTA.

I'd like to know if anyone has this working with the rev 2 case.

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I built a rev 1 case for a friend with XP. I used a touchscreen driver from the touchscreen mfg...not zalman's. Maybe the rev 2 mfg has a Vista driver?

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Oops, I was incomplete with my last post - I have a rev 1 case, and I haven't been able to get the VISTA driver for the touchscreen to work. It sounds like others are having the same problem. I asked about rev 2 in my last post - if people are getting that to work, I will try to replace mine for a rev 2 case.

Who was the manufacturor for the rev 1 display? I'll give those drivers a try!

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I've got the rev. 2 case, but no go on the touchscreen under Vista 64 Ultimate.

Worked like a charm under XP Pro (32) with normal installation of boxed software, but won't work on Vista 64.

Still no reply whatsoever from Zalman... they make nice stuff, but support is non-existent.
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May be worth trying the newer XP driver installed in compatabiltity mode. Certainly nothing to lose for my rev. 1 case.

stottle I have debated that exact same thing but I don't think it makes a difference either way.

I will try these new xp drivers and then move onto trying to get the screen working as a sidebar screen, perhaps with a dedicated laptop mouse sitting on the case for when I want to select music with out the TV being on (my only reason for wanting the screen in the first place.)
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I haven't tried this in vista yet. I went back to XP because I could get the calibration to run.

I feel like an idiot in hindsight BTW.

Someone asked if I could use the touchscreen to open the start menu. Since I've been running dualview (and my icons/start menu are on the primary, non-touchscreen, display) I hadn't tried - and when I pulled a shortcut to the touchscreen I could not run it by "tapping".

So I tried moving the digitouch application (once opened) to the touchscreen, then ran the calibration. The calibration worked (as expected), and after that, the touchscreen worked for the desktop!

I'm not sure if this applies to vista (I'll try it soon, but I'm not ready for a new install test), but I thought I'd mention it in case someone else wants to give it a try in vista.

Also, I'm not sure about MCE, but I think I can set up Meedio to run my music from the touchscreen without the primary display on - still working on it though. [Added] Actually, I can run the music, I'm working on a setup that will let me switch Meedio from the touchscreen to the HDTV and back - that's still in progress. [/Added]

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Originally Posted by Polypro View Post


Don't see Vista.


I'm still considering this cabinet, but often the Windows 2003 drivers will work under Vista. They are available on the above link.
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Hi all,

After several unanswered emails to Zalman about the non-working touchscreen in Vista, i contacted eGalax today, the manufacturers of the touchscreen.

I explained the non-existing support from Zalman, and asked them if they had a firmware update for the touchscreen, since that was what seemed needed to make it work under Vista.

Within 10 hours i received a reply from eGalax, including a driver for Vista 64.
I started setup, it automatically uninstalled the already installed touchkit.
After a reboot i ran setup again and it finished allowing me to calibrate the screen.
And this time..... IT WORKED!!!!!

The current driver doesn't support the beep-on-touch yet, that's a microsoft-issue that will probably be fixed in later versions.

Software can be downloaded from my ftp-server as-is, with no warranty or support whatsoever ofcourse


Big thanks to Albert @ Egalax for this fast reply and finally a working touchscreen in Vista 64.
I'm back to enjoying my WORKING HTPC,

Greetz, Ruud
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Glad to hear you got yours working! Egalax is the making of the display for the Rev 2 case, right? I've got Rev 1, and I think the display is made by DigiTouch (there's a link in an earlier post).

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The drivers are indeed for Rev 2.0. Vista 32 and 64bit versions.

Rev 1.0 touchscreens were made by Digitouch. I suggest you try and get latest drivers from them, since the Zalman support... well.... it's just not there. Drivers on the Digitouch website don't even mention Vista yet, but they might have internal (beta) versions or could let you know when the drivers will be released.

Hope you get it working, greetz,
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I'm faced with the same dilemma also. The software is awfully buggy.
I can't even get the M,Zini software to work either. In vista 32 or xp media center 2005
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I've been able to get the zini software working as well as the touchscreen for XP. I just couldn't get the touchscreen working in Vista. Did you grab the latest software version from Zalman's website? It was newer than what came with my CD.

If you provide some more info, I can try to help troubleshoot.

Good luck,
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I was getting a bunch of different error messages when I try to launch M.zini software.
I'm at work now when I go home i'll try again, by the way it's a rev 1.0 HD160xt
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IIRC, for XP (I'm using Pro) I started with a clean install. Usually I create a non-admin account before I do anything else, but I ended installing the HD160XT software on an account with admin privileges (before I set up any other accounts). Don't know if that will make a difference or not.

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Because of so much trouble with the UAC under Vista i decided to disable it completely.

The HTPC is behind a solid firewall and equipped with antivirus- and anticrapware software, so disabling the UAC won't be a problem.

Try installing and running M-Zini when you have disabled UAC. Worked like a charm here.
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I'll give it a shot when I get home.
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I just checked the Zalman site and an update to the software for both rev. 1 and 2 cases was released on 07.10.2007. I am not sure if it addresses the touch screen at all though.
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The update from the 10th of july doesn't fix the touchscreen problem in Vista x64. That's what i tried first before i contacted the touchscreen manufacturer.
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It seems as if people who got the rev 1.0 case got shafted with very poor support. eGalax guys seems to be very active with software revisions.

Well i've got the Zini utility working except the fan control software is unable to read my cpu temp (X2 3800 939) . It worked once b4 so I know it's capable of doing it. Still no touch screen in Vista for rev 1.0 cases.

This case is too freaking expensive to have such poor support.
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Hello all

I don't have the hd160xt case but I'm thinking of buying it. But now when I read this thread I have doubts.
Does touch screen works under vista 32 or not ? This is the most important feature for me and if this will not work then this will be very bad decision.

Please tell me if you manage to use touch screen under vista 32.

Thank you.

sorry for bad english
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If you make sure the HD160XT is a Rev 2.0 model with the touchscreen from Egalax, the touchscreen will run properly under XP and Vista, both 32 and 64bit editions.

You'll need the latest drivers from Egalax which you can download from my ftp-site (mentioned above) or from E-Galax, since they updated their site recently.

Greetz, Ruud
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I have few more questions.

How is lcd connected to the system , do I need extra graphic card for lcd display.

Is it possible to view 2 different pictrures, one on hdtv and different on lcd. What kind of graphic card do I need for that (dual dvi...??)

How does tocuh screen work with mce 2005 , vista mc ? Can lcd touch screen control mce when hdtv screen is off ?

Best regards.
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Hi Lubej,

The touchscreen needs to be connected to a vga or dvi-output (dvi-2-vga adapter is included with the Zalman case). So you need either a dual-dvi card, or two separate videocards.

Then you'll have a multimonitor setup which can run in different modes: cloned (both screens display the same) this is usefull if you want to control mce without having the big screen on, but it can also run as an extended desktop. With Ultramon you can even create a keyboard-shortcut to switch both screens instantly, or move an application from one to the other monitor.

There's some basic software (M-Zini) included to display some stats on the lcd, and with a very basic fan-control to keep the case-noise to a minimum.
Daniel Rolf created a piece of software more advanced, that can cooperate with speedfan for a more advanced noise- and temperaturecontrol: http://danielrolf.com/D-HD160XT-C~Home.html

Greetz, Ruud
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Thank you for your answer.

So if I want mce buttuns to work on touch screen do I have to run in clone mode.
What is the purpose of extendet desktop.

Sorry for maybe stupid questions but I'm just starting to investigate htpc area.

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On the Zalman site in Q&A section someone wrote they used a Digitouch 5.1.4 driver for Vista that worked for them... I found the driver set on moneual.com but I havent tried them yet... Incidentally, has anyone been able to download the latest driver (ver. 5.1.6) from Digitech Systems site? The link has been down for some time now! The 5.1.4 drivers I found are for Vista 32 but maybe they will work for 64? Anyways, here's the link to the 5.1.4 ver drivers i found...
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centrn -

I tried the 5.1.4 drivers that you pointed to (how did you know they were for the same touchscreen?). I had to try a few different things to get it to work.

What finally succeeded
1) Don't install the USB driver from the zalman install package. This would show FTDI (or something like that) device detected, which I thought was progress, so I installed it first on one of my unsuccessful attempts.
2) Unzip the zip file centrn pointed to into a directory of your choice.
3) Run the setup right inside the installed to directory (there is another setup.zip, not idea what it is for - I ignored it). Just use the USB install option. Restart when asked.
4) Open device manager, which should still have an exclamation on the touchscreen. Click add driver, and point to the installed to directory. For me, this found the right driver and moved the touchscreen to the USB devices section of device manager.
5) mouse over the Touch Control Manager icon on the bottom right of the toolbar and select Show Manager - on the initial screen I hit auto detect, which found the touchscreen (USB#7 for me). After that I could select the monitor and run calibration from the multi-monitor tab.

Thanks for finding those drivers!

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