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Homeowner Expertise Leads to Easy Theater Installation

Designer/builder clients make life simple for this theater's installer.

Talk about homeowners who knew exactly what they were looking for in a home theater. Darby and Libby Williams made system installer Hi-Fidelity's job a rather easy one. That's because Darby's the one who built the house, and wife Libby's the one who designed it.

When the Williamses began planning their basement home theater, they wanted warmth and cozinessnothing too fancy or too traditionalsome storage space, bright sound, and, of course, a big screen (the 21-inch set in their living room just wasn't cutting it anymore).

All we had to do was find the equipment that would match their needs with their construction and design, says Hi-Fidelity's Chad Waller. With his help in the trim and construction of the basement and her remarkable attention to detail, we were able to build the room of their dreams.

For a peek at this theater, as well as the equipment list, check out