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Help! REWARD for solving this problem!!!

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I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. Moderators, please forgive if not, and move it to the correct place.

To all, I am needing some help with a home theater problem I am having, and I am offering a reward of five brand new high-def discs to the first person who TELLS me what my problem is and TELLS me what I need to do to fix it (you choose the titles and blu-ray or HD-DVD, I'll pay and have them shipped to you). SPECULATION is fine, but won't win you the reward. I want someone who knows this stuff better than me to tell me where I'm screwing up here and help me get on track.

This may be a little long, but it will require some explanation and I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than I am on this stuff can help me get this sorted out.

Here is the [pertinent] home theater setup I am running:

Samsung FP-T6374 1080p plasma TV
Panasonic DMP-BD10 Blu-Ray player (with the latest firmware upgrades, etc).
Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS A/V receiver (with the latest firmward upgrades, etc).
Mseries by Monster Cable M1000HD HDTV HDMI cable (length 4 feet).

Here is my problem in a nutshell - when I hook up the HDMI cable from either my receiver or my blu-ray player directly to my TV, the TV can't seem to pick up a signal. A screen on the TV says "Weak or No Signal." It also seems as though if I hook up the HDMI from my blu-ray player to my receiver, the sound plays through my surround speakers and the receiver's HDMI light lights up, indicating a good connection and that it's receiving HDMI signal but, again, no picture makes it through the receiver to the TV (the same sign keeps coming up on the TV).

In my fruitless attempts to figure out the problem, here's what I've learned...

(1) I hooked up an old DVD player (just a regular Panasonic DVD player, model no. DVD-S52) to my Samsung TV via the above-mentioned HDMI cables and the picture and sound showed up just fine. This led me to believe that the Samsung TV HDMI inputs are working just fine, and the cables are sending signals just fine.

(2) When the Blu-Ray player is hooked up to the TV, turning on the blu-ray player (when the TV is off) causes the TV to turn on as well. Turning the TV off (when the blu-ray player is on) turns the blu-ray player off as well. This leads me to believe that there is at least SOME sort of signal going through the cable.

(3) I have tried two different HDMI cables of the make and model number listed above. Switching out the cables changes NOTHING about what's happening.

(4) I can run a standard cable box, PS2, Nintendo DES, Nintendo Wii, and DVD player into the A/V receiver and then connect the A/V receiver to the Samsung TV via a regular A/V monitor cord (you know the triplet yellow-red-white cords, but in this case I'm only using the yellow monitor cord) and the picture plays (albeit not in high-def). The sound, in this case, plays just fine through the A/V receiver.

(5) I can connect my Nintendo Wii directly to my Samsung TV via top-of-the-line component cable, and picture and everything works just fine.

(6) The blu-ray player was JUST returned from Panasonic where it received firmware upgrades and was tested upon leaving them, and found to be working perfectly.

(7) The pioneer receiver was JUST returned from an authorized service center where it was upgraded and tested and found to be working perfectly.

So there you have it. I am at a loss as to the problem. Is there some tuner in the TV itself that is faulty or on the fritz??? Is the problem the model of monster cables I am using and for some reason it's not transmitting the "high grade" signal from the receiver and blu-ray player, although it transmits it from the standard DVD player just fine???

Solve the problem and win your choice of five brand new high-def discs. Box sets (like the Matrix HD-DVD sets) are OK, but three movies (i.e. it's a trilogy) counts as three of the discs.

The FIRST person to EMAIL
EMAIL me the description of the problem and solution wins.

Thanks a million, in advance!!!

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Where do you get your TV broadcast signal and is it HD and does it work?
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Sounds like a "handshake" issue. A quick google turned up this link Handshake issues

The this one link 2
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I agree with the handshake issue. What has worked for some people with HDMI cable boxes is:
Turn the TV on select HDMI input. Turn the other Device on. Picture will NOT better there. Select another input on the TV while both devices on. Still NO picture. Turn TV off and select HDMI input and not the picture works. All in All it is a handshake issue.
If that does not work just use the R Bl Gr componet cables. Most people se very little difference and no more headaches.
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There is a thread here for your model Panny DVD player. You might search/post there--http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=756879 .

Alternatively you may send discs or cash directly to me and I will get you divine guidance; the more you send the better the guidance.
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I'd like to thank everyone who stepped in with their thoughts on this particular problem I was having with my home theater setup.

I am happy to say that tonight I finally figured it out; the problem lay in the HDMI connectors themselves; this being my first experience with HDMI, I didn't realize how finicky the connections are. This is apparently true in general, but in my case was complicated by the fact that my Pioneer A/V receiver HDMI connectors are especially loose. Basically, this contributed to my total inability to really nail down where the problem was coming from (as ya'll can tell by my description), since at different times it seemed to be coming from different places.

Thanks again for everyone who offered suggestions; your help was very much appreciated. Cheers!

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You need to get some good HDMI cables from www.monoprice.com and get rid of that monster poo.


p.s. Don't let the price at Monoprice fool you, these are very good cables.
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I've always heard Monster makes great (some say "the best") cables...is this wrong?

Where is Monster deficient?

Possibly some types of cables fit better in the HDMI connectors than Monster???

Thanks for the info!

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Personal Opinion.....Monster is the Bose of cables. All marketing, sure they make good cables, but for short runs monoprice.com has just as good quality.
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Most of their entry or mid level cables are poor quality compared to other equally priced cables (or even lower) llike blue jeans...
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yeah cut a monster cable open and see how much thinner the conductors are than other much better cables. overpriced junk
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