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pre/pro with AC-RF?  

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I'm seriously considering upgrading my HT audio:
I'm currently using a Pioneer VSX-D906S DD receiver.
I really want to keep the pre+amp cost under $3.5K if at all possible.
Are there any preamp/processors under $2K with these features?

+ AC3-RF input (large library of LDs)
+ 5 or more digital inputs (2 or more of them coax)
+ Prologic, DD & DTS
+ 7 or more switched A/V inputs

Just about everything else is negotiable, I think,
although audio quality does matter, of course.

Highly desirable:
o weighs less than 40 lbs.
o runs cool

A few things are irrelevant:
- quality of remote (I use a Pronto)
- switched component video (only one source)

Is there anything at all in this price range other than the
Sony TA-E9000ES?

Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

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I'm not sure if it meets all your criteria but perhaps the Marantz 9000 will help, it does have AC-3 RF and a marantz rc 2000 MK II... price is fairly reasonable aswell...

good luck

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You should be able to pick the Integra Research for 3.5K which meets all of your requirements. You could also get B&K's ref 30 with their demod for under that. You could also get an out board demod and use it with any preamp.
Good luck

Gifford Largey
AudioVision Systems
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I personally like the Marantz AV9000. Great remote, 6 channel analog input for SACD or DVD-audio, component video switching, AC-RF for laser disc, 3 year warranty, stereo bypass, did I mention the remote, and with a lil shopping you can find one for about $1,400 new.

David.. "It must be weird to be normal"
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Miles and David, thanks a lot for reminding me of the Marantz preamp.
The number of digital inputs is a little tight for my configuration,
but may be adequate. I'll visit the local Marantz dealer this evening.
Certainly the price and other features are appropriate.

David, the way you write suggests that you might have an AV9000.
Can you tell me if all 4 digital inputs can be used individually,
or are the optical and coax inputs alternates for one another?
I currently need 4 separate inputs: optical can be used for DVD and LD,
but I need coax for digital CATV and computer audio.

Gifford, I'm sorry, when I wrote pre+amp, I meant preamp plus amplifier.
Sometimes I write too concisely. My budget can't quite stretch to
$3.5K for the Integra Research unit, although it and the other procamps
in that price range certainly have the right features and quality.


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My AV9000 is on the way. I listened to one at my local dealer and was very impressed with the sound, price, and features. I had a similar concern since I would need all four digital inputs as well. We looked in the manual and it appears they can be assigned individually.

David.. "It must be weird to be normal"
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