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I assume no one has answered this. Ok... do you guys just order extra screens ? (I don't mean the whole blow up, just the cloth) I'm wondering how I can get a cloth fit tight with the elastic clips like the one that fits from China to replace the first one now...
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have you tried putting the screen in the washer with bleach or something
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Tried all sorts of bleach. Pretty much no matter what I do I'm not getting the grass stains out
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hmmm this may be over the top but maybe use a rug doctor or something.you can rent them at most stores.
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I haven't had any grass stains but I've had to wash it. It IS very difficult. You can't throw it in the washer because of the clips. I think stains would be the LEAST of your worries if you tried that.

I used a large/wide bucket and hand washed it like Granny Clampett. Then I hung it out to dry.

I've thought about ordering a new one but it is quite expensive for what it is. It really needs to be a little heavier material IMO. Also, is the clips/rings were reversed so that the rings were on the screen side, it would be much safer just to throw it in the washer.
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Finally got it cleaned up.

I started talking to him yesterday about my new summer project.. going from the 16' screen to a 20-30'. I'd really like the 30', and his price is very, very good. I'll have to think on it.
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I ended up ordering the 20', I'm interested in what projectors others have used with success. I'm feeling my HD20 isn't going to cut it.
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We're going to try and do 2 shows in April. One next Friday, the weather is supposed to be good. I think right now we have "A Bug's Life" planned.

Then the 22nd, where of course, we're going to do Avatar

We'll see how it goes. I took it out and inflated.. damn! His measurements were close to right, it comes out 22', slightly bigger. Which is OK by me!

Still fiddling with the right projector for the job. Anyway, that's a different story. I will say this: they come in this nice cylinder, and I'll be damned if I've ever figured out how the hell they do it, because no matter how tightly I try to fold the damn thing, it's always at least 3-4 times that size!!
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you could take a shop vac and suck all the air out also.
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