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Quality A/V Receiver for Home Theater  

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A couple of questions..

In terms of feature excess and loads of functionality what brand of receiver would cater the most to "Home Theater". There seems to be a a debate over Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo and Marantz, but when it comes to the manufacturer using implementing the latest technology/features.. what would be a good brand?

It seems the really highend A/V Receivers actually have less features!?

I currently have a Yamaha 995 but considering an upgrade in the $1300-1600 range. Another option I am considering is buying a separate amp and keep the 995 as a preamp.

I welcome all opinions..
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I'm not overly familiar with Onkyo and Marantz, but from Denon and Yamaha, I would say their flagship receivers offer quite a bit of features. More so from the Denon 5800 which may be because it is newer than Yamaha's RX-V1. However, both of these units would be above the price range you listed... There seems to be a large Denon following here, so I'm sure you can get a lot of Denon comments... Otherwise, for mass market receivers, I like the Denon and Yamaha brands.

You also noted that you are considering using your current 995 as a processor and getting a separate amp. If you are happy with your 995's sound and features, then purchasing the separate amp will probably be a good route (both in terms of economy and quality - you could get a much better separate amp for $1600 than what is already in your 995).
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I like my Yamaha but the Marantz SR-19 is really nice. Regarding amps what brand offers excellent quality witout robbing me blind (Best bang for the buck). Parasound?

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Denon, Onkyo, Marantz and Yamaha are all good brands. I think the only 2 of these 4 brands to have DTS ES or DD EX are the Denon and the Onkyo. Marantz doesn't offer as many features, but from what I've read they are more musical than the rest. Yamaha has loads of DSP modes, but tend to be overbright when it comes to music.(again from what I've read)
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I haven't heard much about Onkyo but I like an amp that has more features. Can anyone offer me a site that has un-biased review of audio equipment. I like audioreview but I would really like a professional review.
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I'd probably say go for the Denon 4800. I'm not as familiar with Marantz but others to look at in price range are Denon's newer 3801, Onkyo's 787 or the Integra 7.1.

The 1999.00 Denon 4800 could probably be had in your price range and does have THX EX, 5 channels of amplification and should be a bargin.

I don't think there is any such thing as an unbiased reveiw of something but I like Secrets of Home Theater and HIFI. www.hometheaterhifi.com
Gifford Largey
AudioVision Systems

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Thanks for the link I'll check it out.

A friend of mine has the Denon 3300. He told me Denon is a better quality then Yamaha. Who knows..

Thank you everyone for your help.

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Although I'm partial to Denon, I just heard the Onkyo Integra DTR-7.1 this weekend and I was quite impressed. When I found out that it had a shelf price of under $1100, I was even more impressed. Although I love my Denon AVR-5800, I did find myself wondering why I exactly I spent 2K more than the DTR-7.1 cost... there seems to be a lot of value in that Integra piece.


Ross Taylor
Phoenix, AZ
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One cool thing about the Onkyo/Integra is their commitment to upgrade existing receivers to Dolby PLII and DTS-ES Discrete in March..

-- Cain
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I own the Integra 9.1. What an incredible a/v receiver. I looked at the Denon 4800 and the Denon 5800. The 5800 is a very impressive component. However, I felt that the Integra offered the most bang for the buck. I also like the "idea" of upgradeability as the Integra offers. I just hope this actually happens as Onkyo has suggested it will. If you have not looked at the Integra line, I strongly suggest that you take a close look.
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Hi Darren. What is the difference between the Integra and the Onkyo receivers??

Aren't they made by the same company??

Thanks for the info..

-- Cain
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Onkyo and Integra are made by the same company yes. The differences are

1.Integra has 3 year warranty to Onkyo's 2.
2.Integra has better connectors (gold plated).
3.Supposedly some parts are better or have tighter tolerances.
4.Integra looks much nicer than their Onkyo brothers.

Gifford Largey
AudioVision Systems
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